What\’s the matter? Why did you fall here injured? Yi Feng couldn\’t help asking.

Ten hours later.At the moment the horn sounded, the sixteen places had been completely determined.The next round will be the final round, which will be duel by elimination, and you all have only one chance. Once you lose, you will lose the chance to enter the next round. This is not just a competition, but also a life-and-death battle and test. The gold-level messenger said loudly.As the sound fell, the horn sounded.The last round!The descendants of millions of god races are looking forward to this final duel, because this final round is the fiercest competition in the Hundred Races Conference.The crystal of God lights up!Sixteen rays of light penetrated into the hands of sixteen descendants of the god race.It turned out to be the first…Shanghai was quite surprised. He turned out to be the first to play in the last round. As for his opponent, he is not yet clear. He only knows after entering the competition area. No matter who it is, it doesn’t matter to him, even if he loses. Battle.The reason why Shanghai came to participate in the Hundred Races Conference was to fight against his peers to improve himself, and secondly to hone himself. At this time, he improved a lot at the Hundred Races Conference, and the harvest was already considered the most among the people. Bit.Therefore, the next opponent is only the object of Shanghai\’s tempering, closed his eyes slightly, and quietly waited for the transmission.now!The place where the demons and gods are.The demon couldn\’t stand in front of the demon god clan master, his expression twitched again and again, his eyes were full of pain, but he gritted his teeth to hold back.Okay, very good, no, you remember, this ghost and god forbidden law can only mobilize eight times the power. Nine times is the limit. Don\’t use more than ten times the power, otherwise we will also be implicated by you. Do you know? As the demon god clan master spoke, his finger clicked in a jade silk, and he pulled out a powerful blood essence, which was attached to the demon\’s body.The essence and blood turned into lines and fell into the demon\’s body.And this time!A demon standing not far away trembled all over, and then his whole body was limp, as if most of his strength had been taken away.As the lines grew, a weird aura emerged from Yaochou\’s body.

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