It\’s almost time for teleportation…

At this time!The truth in the light curtain suddenly stopped, his head lifted slightly, eyes flashed with strange umongs, and then all the ruins in the ancient battlefield disappeared, replaced by a Senluo hell hall, and in this hall , The extreme will of death emerged, even if it was Yan Potian on one side, his expression became solemn at this moment.What kind of magical skill is this? A Princess of the Phoenix Race asked in surprise. For some reason, she always felt that the Great Hell Hall of the Sun Luo Hell seemed to suck her soul away, and there were more people who felt this way. She is one, and there are many others.What a terrible breath…This magical skill is at least 9th-Rank Intermediate…This is a magical skill of the lower eighth rank-\’Sen Luo Hell\’, which is one of the strongest magical skills of the Di God Master Clan. In the ancient times, the Di God is the god who controls the Sun Luo Hell, and this trick Divine skills are created by the descendants of Dishen and can provoke the evil forces of hell to destroy their opponents. The beautiful woman Liu Mei tightly frowned.Eight-Rank Divine Skill…All the women present were shocked when they heard it.The descendants of the ordinary god race only cultivated the tenth-rank divine skills, while the children of excellent descendants can cultivate the ninth-rank, and these nine-rank divine skills are rare among the branches of the gods, only those that have been passed down from the ancient times. Will have.As for the eighth rank, even the lower eighth rank magic skills are extremely rare, and only a few individual branches have one or two.If you can die in Sun Luo Hell, you are not a loss. Di Xi raised his hands high, and the whole condensed Sun Luo Hell was propped up by him. His clothes were plundered wildly, and the vast hell power was soaring into the sky. The sky over the ancient battlefield was shaking so much.The magical skills of the lower eighth rank, even if they are just under control, are extremely powerful.Shanghai\’s chest was full of suffocation, and he could feel the terrifying power of this magic trick. Once it was fully formed, it would be difficult for him to resist it.Tianji slammed!Hengkong slapped his palm in the void, and this powerful impact force blasted towards the Sun Luo Hell, but at the moment it touched it, it was like a mud cow entering the sea, completely devoid of life. As for Sun Luo Hell, it was still the same as before, without being affected at all. .Can\’t shake… Shanghai retracted his palm and continued to shoot.King Kong!Seven Sacred Dragons…Six great magical skills have been displayed again and again, but they still can’t shake Senluo Hell. The millions of descendants of the god race who saw this scene can’t help being shocked by the magical skill of \”Silluo Hell\”. This is really true. It\’s too strong, and the six great abilities can\’t be shaken.How can it be impossible to shake… Yan Wushuang was anxious.

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