Seeing that Saint Feiyu not only did not stop, but also added fuel and jealousy, the faces of Yifeng and others turned blue. Originally, they didn\’t have much affection for the three masters and servants, but now they can\’t wait for them to leave quickly.

Chapter 0822In the third group.Except for the god son of the main clan, the others are watching the so-called companions beside them, as well as the opponents of the fourth group on the opposite side.Boy, you are in the line of Spirit and God? A low and hoarse sound transmission came, and Shanghai looked in the direction of the sound transmission, only to see a thin and stubborn man standing not far away. This person\’s eyes are blushing like blood, and the whole body exudes a vigorous and terrifying aura. The two descendants of the Protoss branch close to this person have already retreated ten feet away and are unwilling to approach them.Is there a problem?After entering the ancient battlefield, hand over your crystal of God, and then automatically surrender. I will leave you for your life. The thin, stubble man said solemnly.Shanghai glanced at the person faintly, and said nothing.You don\’t pay, are you? The thin and stubble man\’s eyes were cold, showing a strong killing intent, \”I have seen a lot of kids like you, and I don\’t cry if I don\’t see the coffin. If I dare to ignore me, wait to enter the ancient times. After the battlefield, I will let you stay there forever.\”Shaking his head slightly, Shanghai didn\’t want to say anything, because at the moment he saw three figures, and these three were also staring at him.Three monsters, luck is not bad… Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly, \”Since you met me, don\’t leave anymore.\”Second brother, that kid is staring at us.I saw.This kid is not afraid of us at all, is there really any killer skill? The Fifth Demon said with a frown.Fifth brother, you think too much, even if this kid has any abilities, he can beat the three of us together? Let alone him, even the Spirit Profound Sword may not be able to stop our three brothers from joining together.That\’s true.When you enter the ancient battlefield, immediately lock his position so that he can\’t escape with his wings. The second demon said in a cold voice.The other two monsters grinned and nodded slightly.Uh…The horn of the second scene sounded.The descendants of the branches who were a little nervous at the moment suddenly mentioned their throats in their hearts. They are ready to admit defeat after entering the ancient battlefield. After all, the opponents in this time are too terrible, and they have no chance to get higher. The ranking, if so, why bother to die.

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