Thank you, Empress Dowager. Shen Ling thanked her immediately.

Li Siyu is very ashamed. How can anyone see her and ask how learning can defeat her? Chapter 272 the long planned Li Siyu reborn with the warehouse. Chapter 272 the long planned Li Siyu \”is OK and can keep up.\” Li Siyu has said this sentence several times. \”That\’s good. If you graduate from University, your work will be better and better in the future. The secondary school degree is still not as good as going to university.\” director Zheng nodded back. Li Siyu also agrees with this sentence. Unfortunately, her college career is only two years. \”This is something for you. Don\’t refuse. I\’m visiting relatives and friends.\” Li Siyu smiled and looked at her. Director Zheng wanted to refuse. It\’s hard to refuse when she says so. \”Don\’t bring anything next time.\” she didn\’t open the bag and took it directly. After saying goodbye to Director Zheng, Li Siyu went out again and brought back a lot of food. I\’m at home these two days. I\’ll try to get more food back so that the old lady can eat and drink well. \”Oh, Siyu, I\’ll get it. I\’m tired.\” Zhang Yuemei smiled. Seeing so many things, she couldn\’t help thinking that it\’s better for her sister-in-law to come back. For several days in a row, Li Siyu had nothing to do. He went out for a walk and brought things back. Not only is Zhang Yuemei happy, but other nephews are also happy. Only the old lady and Li Siguo frowned and asked her not to buy it. However, the two people\’s resistance did not play any role. Li Siyu always bought it. Li Siyu stopped when he saw that the grain was already 200 kg. Too much would only make them dependent. Now it\’s looking at Li Siguo and Li Chengcai. They are under great pressure to support their family, so she will help. When the two people get better, she won\’t buy food like this. That night, Li Siyu told the old lady that he was going to visit his classmates\’ house. It is estimated that he will be back in half a month, or longer. \”If you want to go, pay attention to keep warm. Don\’t catch a cold. It\’s snowing.\” the old lady looked at her with a smile and sighed in her heart. Her old daughter is promising and there are more students now. Li Siyu looked at the small snowflakes floating outside and nodded, \”don\’t worry, you should pay attention to the soles of your feet when you go out, and you can\’t fall.\”

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