Chapter 16 anger from shame

Wei Si was stunned for a moment, and then his face changed. The men standing behind him have surrounded him. Wei Xingbo raised his head with a smile on his face and looked at him with cold eyes. \”Fourth uncle, take care of the old, go back home to provide for the aged tomorrow. Don\’t worry, I\’ll take care of it here.\” with that, he got up and patted Wei Si on the shoulder, and then Wei Si was taken out. Looking at the chair always made by Wei Si, Wei Xingbo sat up with a grimace on his face. He endured humiliation for so many years and finally changed to this position. In the future, he won\’t have to look at Wei Si\’s face to live. When Lin Cheng knew that Wei Si was successfully persuaded to retreat, he was at noon the next day. Li Kang came to give him a tip. He looked like he had just learned and ran over directly. \”You take Wang Tiesheng directly. Be sure to find their lost market and seize this opportunity. Remember to bring more people. I\’m afraid they won\’t be convinced.\” Lincheng quickly said his plan, and then let Li Kang go back. This must be done quickly, otherwise it will be a long dream. Wei Xingbo doesn\’t have any good stubble. When he finishes cleaning up the inside, he should pay close attention to the outside. So before they take action, Lincheng should speed up. It depends on today whether they can stand firm in the black market of Baicheng. Compared with Lin Cheng\’s nervous mood, Li Siyu is squatting in his small yard for barbecue. Peng lingman looked at the roasted golden and oily meat and kept swallowing. \”This is the legendary barbecue. It\’s so delicious.\” Liu Chengxue also saw such a good barbecue for the first time, which is a little different from the smoke and fire she imagined. \”It\’s delicious, Mr. Li. You\’re a good craftsman.\” Li Siyu proudly raised the corner of her mouth, \”that\’s necessary. Barbecue is my specialty!\” the old lady smiled and sat on the table listening to the radio, watching the old girl get along well with her colleagues, and she was also very happy. Now the old girl is more and more powerful, and she will be relieved in the future. Li Siyu roasted two kilograms of pork and a fish. He washed some green vegetables as pickles, which can also relieve his greasiness. \”Just eat meat instead of eating?\” Liu Chengxue looked at a table full of meat and had no rice at all. Peng lingman patted her, \”why, there\’s not enough meat to eat. What food to eat?\”

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