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When Wang Tiesheng saw Li Siyu carrying something, he came forward and said, \”the boss has to drink milk powder. I\’ll get it for him now. I have to drink this.\” He lifted his other hand and a bag of milk powder in paper appeared. Li Siyu: she sold it to Wang Tiesheng, didn\’t she? Li Siyu was no longer surprised about this. Naturally, all the things she sold were good. It was normal for Lin Cheng to like to drink. It was this greedy problem that made her a little ashamed. She was still so greedy after living in the hospital. She thought that she should let the doctor give it to her His greedy illness was cured. Chapter 143 when the poor child waited for two people to arrive at the ward, Lin Cheng was walking underground and looked in good spirits. \”How was it?\” Li Siyu put the things in his hand on the cabinet and asked, \”do you feel dizzy?\” Lin Cheng gently shook his head, \”no, it\’s much better. Everything else is OK except the wound.\” Just don\’t feel dizzy again. If you feel dizzy and want to vomit again, you should continue to lie down and recuperate. Wang Tiesheng has great eyesight and takes a water cup to make milk powder. Li Siyu looks at the half cup of milk powder. Is it not greasy to drink like this? How sweet it is to put so much milk powder. Lin Cheng looks at Li Siyu frowning and asks with concern, \”what\’s the matter?\” \”Okay, can you drink so sweet?\” \”can\’t you get diabetes?\” Hearing her words, Li Siyu couldn\’t help thinking. A paid father actually made his child lose his body. Then his stepmother bullied him with his half brother. Oh, roar, it\’s painful to think about it.

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