She saluted and said, Miss Shen, it\’s time for our mother to worship the Buddha. Please wait a moment.

\”Siyu, why are you so stubborn? Aren\’t you supposed to help your nephew? You\’re a sister-in-law.\” Sun Li couldn\’t do it anymore. She wanted to persuade her to change her mind. Li Siyu looked at her faintly and said, \”nephews? How can you kindly ask me to help one by one? Face?\” The three of them couldn\’t refute what she said, but they didn\’t want to give up. Li Simin was cruel and threatened: \”if you don\’t help Chengyuan, I\’ll tell your leaders that your work is bought and let him fire you!\” \”yes, fire you!\” Zhao Shuqin also thought that the job was bought with food. The handle was in their hands. Li Siyu was not obedient, or he would lose his iron rice job and go home to farm. Li Siyu sneered at them and looked at them as if they were novel. But her face pretended to be very afraid, \”ah? No, I\’m so afraid, don\’t say.\” Three people: is she serious? Looking at Li Siyu\’s fearless appearance, Sun Li knew that it was mostly in vain this time. People must have a bottom, otherwise they would talk to them like this? Unfortunately, Zhao Shuqin didn\’t seem to see it, but she was still proud. Sun Li didn\’t bother to pay attention to her, so she sat there and watched the play. She became the best. Otherwise, she didn\’t do anything. \”Then go and tell the leader to let Cheng Yuan become a worker in the factory.\” Zhao Shuqin couldn\’t hide her greed and said, \”no, let him take over your shift. Don\’t do it. Go home and work with us.\” Chapter 80 inexplicable malice. Li Siyu couldn\’t stop laughing at her words. Was there paste in the man\’s head? \”Then?\” Zhao Shuqin was stunned, and then?

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