But your majesty has only seen it in the Tai Chi palace of the Empress Dowager.

Because Sima Xiangshan was too close, the fruit burst one after another, and the exploded pulp naturally sprayed him again. Oh, no, it was mainly a puff on his face. Sima Xiangshan just wiped his face clean and was drenched slowly. The green liquid slowly flowed down his cheeks. Sima Xiangshan didn\’t move, and there was no strangeness in his face. But Liao Xingwen\’s cold hair suddenly rose sharply. Sima Xiangshan seemed calm in front of him, but under his calm, it seemed as if something was about to burst out. He clearly saw Sima Xiangshan take a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, he was completely red. At the same time, his white cheeks were twisted and ferocious as a ghost. \”I\’m going to kill!!!!!\” he roared and rushed out. The whole man was like a crazy war beast. He didn\’t care whether there were rocks and trees in front of him. He bumped into one end and heard the roar. All the rocks and trees burst open one after another and blew out a mass of powder fragments. Sima Xiangshan, even when his own dragon power is greatly limited, his flesh and blood is not weaker than the Dragon species. Sima Xiangshan was crazy, but Liao Xingwen was stunned. Two seconds later, he woke up and hurried to catch up with him. The purpose of their trip is to kill Fang Yang and Sima Xiangshan. Under such circumstances, they won\’t be angry and lose their reason. And the key is \”it\’s important to protect my life! I can\’t leave Sima Xiangshan too far, otherwise I won\’t be able to protect myself if something happens.\” thinking so, Liao Xingwen followed him and ran along Sima Xiangshan. There were obvious traces between the mountains and forests, Chapter 822 fast refining Fang Yang sat quietly, surrounded by a layer of light blue silver light. From time to time, electric arcs sprang out between the silver lights, and the electric light crackled and made a crisp sound. Under the operation of the majestic thunder and light, they all crossed into Fang Yang\’s body. Yin and Yang and mysterious Qi flow, and countless breath refine Lei Qilin\’s essence into himself and turn into Fang Yang\’s own power. At this time, Fang Yang is in good condition.

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