Hearing the speech, Shen Xian was unconvinced. Can\’t we offer her now?

Hou Xiangqing\’s face changed slightly. He quickly turned to resist, but he didn\’t know when there was another gold armor general behind him. Wang Jinshen wears a golden armor, and the dragon power flows in high spirits. Once shot, it is a time of hegemony. Roar! The roar of the Dragon vibrated. Jin can\’s dragon power directly turns into a majestic momentum. Waiting for Hou Xiangqing to see it, it was too late. He quickly ran his own Xuanqi to resist, but he was beaten by the overbearing dragon force. When Hou Xiangqing was hit hard, a pool of blood burst out of his mouth, and the whole person was swept out directly. \”Lord Hou!\” Mrs. Wu was surprised. Before she could make any moves, a mass of orange thick dark Qi suddenly surged around her body. \”You\’d better worry about yourself.\” a cold man\’s voice came from below. After that, the thick and mysterious Qi around Wu Po suddenly condensed and wrapped her whole body in an instant. Bang. The thick dark air of earth shrouded the fog woman and burst. With a muffled hum, the whole person was thrown out from a distance under this strong force. On the ground, Jiang Tianyan, who had disappeared under the bombardment of Hou Xiangqing\’s cloud burning fire bell, ran out of the soil slowly. His whole body is full of Xuanqi, and the Xuanqi with earth attribute is full of vitality. Since they knew their actions long ago, how could Jiang Tianyan and Wang Jin be unprepared in the face of Hou Xiangqing\’s raid. Originally, the gap between strength was quite large. Coupled with this intentional calculation, Hou Xiangqing and Wu Po were seriously injured at the beginning. Hou Xiangqing barely stabilized his body, waved and called the burning cloud fire clock back to his palm, angrily scolded: \”good you, Jiang Tianyan, it\’s really tight, but even so, I\’ll kill you!\” Hou Xiangqing took the burning cloud fire clock and attacked again. This cloud burning fire bell is a mysterious weapon of Hou Xiangqing\’s fellow spiritual practitioner. It is not only powerful, but also can fully fit with his own mysterious Qi. Therefore, with all his efforts, he can give full play to his strength to the greatest extent. The burning cloud fire bell rings in bursts. Each sound will drive the gas of the burning cloud to gush out, layer by layer, and surge towards the golden armor general in front of him. Buy time, just buy time. Now both Jiang Tianyan and Wang Jin are here. Let iron mountain kill shuiqianrou who has no strength to bind chickens. Isn\’t it easy?

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