At first, people were still a little flustered. I don\’t know why the imperial edict came at this time.

Although there is no divine soul assistance, it has such a state, which also makes up for the blockade of Fang Yang\’s senses. The more he came to such a situation, the more he found the strength of Jianlin, which had helped him out of trouble several times. When the sword approaching realm is opened, Fang Yang quickly looks around. After checking it out, I gradually realized something about the surrounding scenes. In the distance, two red thoughts of war emerged. Needless to say, they must be Li mubai and Lu 228. They are also deeply trapped in the wave of black clouds. I\’m afraid they are more worried than Fang Yang\’s situation. After all, Fang Yang can feel the danger by relying on the sword, but they can only be seen by the naked eye. \”Let\’s meet them first.\” Fang Yang said, moving towards the other side. But when he was just running the mysterious Qi, his heart suddenly warned his whole life. Under the perception of the sword approaching situation, there was a black meaning all around him. Evil! Fang Yang was surprised, suddenly turned his head, and suddenly appeared a figure between the empty black clouds. The body was transparent, showing a feeling of light flowing. It was not like an entity. Once it appeared, it was a roar of anger, and a whisper that I couldn\’t understand was sent out in my mouth, rushing towards Fang Yang. When he moved, he saw the dark clouds around him surging and attached to him. When he rushed to Fang Yang, he had turned into a Yin soldier wearing armor and holding a steel knife! The nine palace sword in Fang Yang\’s hand is horizontal in front. Dang! A crisp sound. When the steel knife was cut on the blade of Jiugong sword, Fang Yang\’s wrists were numb. He was surprised at his strong power. \”It was Yin spirit before. Did it turn into a Yin soldier when it condensed evil Qi?\” Fang Yang thought silently. The attack in his hand didn\’t stop. As soon as the blade turned, he cut a sword at the Yin soldier. The nine palaces sword is sparkling and sharp. One sword will go all the way. Hiss – Fang Yang\’s sword blade swept over the Yin soldier\’s body and directly chopped his armor. The sword blade penetrated the Yin soldier\’s body. With Fang Yang\’s sword light trembling, the Yin soldier was completely torn up in an instant. The flesh and blood of Yin soldiers dispersed, turned into a strong black fog, and dissipated between the waves of black clouds. Fang Yang\’s sword turned around and looked at Li mubai and Lu Erba. Then he saw that they ran out of countless ghosts and gathered Yin soldiers. Although the individual strength of these Yin soldiers was not strong, they could not stand it, but there were a lot of them.

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