Seeing this, a trace of displeasure flashed in the mother\’s heart. Could it be that the young lady didn\’t see these.

Monk Mingjing opened his eyes and his face was slightly white. It can be seen that the consumption was not small. Hearing Tong Yu\’s words, he nodded slightly: \”fortunately, I didn\’t disgrace my life. Indeed, I found something.\” upon hearing this, everyone was very happy. \”There is really a floating spring. Where is it?\” Kuishan asked. Monk Mingjing said: \”There are traces of piaokong spring on a mountain three thousand miles away from the residence here.\” \”mountain?\” sun rukong nodded slightly, \”OK! Let\’s go together. If there is piaokong spring, helping Fang Yang get it will be enough to restore his cultivation skills!\” \”no, I\’ll go together.\” Fang Yang said, \”There are strange things in the world and the three rivers, which may not exist all the time. I\’d better go and have a look together. It\’s safer for me.\” seeing that Fang Yang said so, sun Ru dreamed and didn\’t refuse. \”Well, I\’ll go with Fang Yang and Kuishan. Mingjing and Tong Yu, you two stay here.\” sun rukong said, \”Now the whereabouts of the blood devil are unknown. If we all go out, there is no expert guard in the station, and he is likely to take the opportunity to attack. Even if there is the protection of the Dharma array, it is not complete protection. You two stay here to take care of.\” Monk Mingjing put his hands together and responded directly. Tong Yu was a little dissatisfied. He felt guilty about Fang Yang and wanted to contribute to this trip. However, he could not refuse sun rukong\’s words. After all, he focused on the overall situation, and this distribution was the best. Since he had made plans, people didn\’t waste time. Sun rukong arranged the things in the camp , with Kuishan, Fang Yang left the camp. Monk Mingjing informed the three of them of the mountain information. Then, led by Kuishan and sun rukong, Fang Yang galloped away from the camp and went straight to the mountains. When the three of Fang Yang galloped out, they didn\’t find a place outside the camp. A blood gas solidified eye gave them all their actions I saw it in my eyes. After I saw clearly the direction of the three of them leaving, my eyes disappeared, and they also turned into streamers and flew to the open place hundreds of miles away. The sitting blood devil opened his eyes and looked worried. \”Do the three leave the station? It\’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.\” He licked his red lips and looked excited. Chapter 581 the spring was empty. Fang Yang and the three men galloped very fast. After knowing the location of the mountains clearly, they could be seen in the distance in half an hour. The three men moved and fell directly on the top of the mountain. The mountains here are hundreds of feet high, standing upright between the clouds, and the mountains are lush and broad \”Here is the place with the traces of floating spring, as Mingjing said.\” sun rukong looked around and said.

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