Li Siyu, who was pierced by the heart, nodded shyly, I came in a hurry, didn\’t bring clothes, and there was no excess cloth at home.

Zuhai, No. 102. It\’s not that Huang Mei\’s strength has weakened. In fact, after three years of hard work, he still has a lot of growth. But the growth rate is still too small to rush into the previous ranking. Naturally, the reason for the decline is that someone rushed to the front, \”that boy?\” Huang Mei looked at the cloud fire boat. The ranking on the Dragon list continued to emerge. Leighton, 101. \”It\’s the divine fist Leighton, which ranked 100 in the last list! He was really squeezed down!\” someone exclaimed. Leighton\’s name appeared here, which seemed normal to everyone. The ranking continued to emerge. Gujing, 100. Huang Mei frowned and looked surprised when he saw the name: \”Kufo Gujing, how could it be him? Didn\’t he originally rank 98th? Even if the boy rushed to the front, it should be 99th behind Kuishan,\” he whispered, and the Lun Jin man smiled calmly: \”do you still need to find it? Naturally, Kuishan\’s ranking has also increased.\” Hearing this, Huang Mei was also surprised. Although he was no longer in the top 100 ranks, he also clearly knew how strict the ranking of martial arts in the top 100 ranks was. No martial arts were simple and worked hard to improve. Therefore, the ranking of the Dragon list often didn\’t change once in ten years. But now, Kui mountain\’s ranking has actually improved , that can only show that he has a lot of opportunities. Huang Mei looks envious. If he also has these opportunities, it is not impossible to rush to 100. The ranking emerges one by one, which is basically familiar to everyone. After the number, the name reappears again, even if it is hot again on Pingdingshan. \”Fang Yang! Fang Yang\’s name really came out.\” \”93! Hiss, he ranked 93 for the first time.\” the crowd was noisy. Sure enough, Fang Yang\’s name just appeared on the Dragon list.

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