He stepped aside and let Li Siyu in.

But it\’s such a cultivation that I can\’t survive under this son?? After the uproar, countless people also saw the position of the head one after another. They looked at Mu Shaohua, the leader of the Chaimu palace. The person who died was her own son, Mu Shaohua, who had a cold look on her face. Even when she watched her son\’s tragic death, she didn\’t have any obvious emotional fluctuations. Only when the people looked at it, she spoke calmly, Only three words. \”Kill him.\” then, the Xuanqi of many martial artists in Chaimu palace moved and moved together. \”Boy, you dare to kill my young master. I\’ll frustrate you!\” Guosheng\’s green light flashed on his body. His cultivation accomplishments in the later stage of chuyang were fully opened. As the guardian of Mu en, he saw Mu en\’s tragic death. Although he didn\’t feel any sadness, he was afraid that he was blamed by the palace master. He quickly opened his strength and attacked Fang Yang. Countless fighters from Chaimu palace rushed out one after another. After all, this is the base camp of Chaimu palace. There are a large number of fighters. How can Fang Yang leave safely! More than a hundred martial artists rushed out one after another, one by one, the mysterious Qi flowed around them, and the momentum was very strong, which directly surrounded Fang Yang. One against a hundred! This is a hundred genuine early Yang realms, and those who can become the martial arts of Chaimu Palace are all powerful people. Fang Yang is in a deep dilemma. But his face was cold, and his eyes stared at Bai fan with a murderous intention: \”if you kill Mao San, I\’ll pull out your spirit and let you taste the pain in the world!\” you? Oh, you can rush out of the crowd and come back one-on-one with me. \”Bai fan had no demeanor. The more angry Fang Yang was, the more he couldn\’t get up. As soon as he retreated, he fell out of the crowd, Lang said, \”Kill him!\” As soon as his voice fell, the roar continued. Watching the martial artists of Chaimu palace rush up immediately. Hundreds of people attacked together, with great momentum and different mysterious Qi flashing, Fang Yang was immediately shrouded in it. At a glance, Fang Yang\’s body was completely invisible. However, it didn\’t last long. Under the cover of the crowd, a dragon roared and roared The sword Qi is like a dragon. Nine turn dragon and snake! Roar! A silver column of sword Qi burst out into the sky, directly shaking away the people who had rushed up. Fang Yang holds the nine palace sword, and there are more than 20 black soldiers with green patterns floating around him. With Fang Yang\’s roar of dragon and snake sword Qi, more than 20 sword blades fly around like swimming fish. Even if a hundred people are in front, Fang Yang only needs his hands If you have a sword in your body, you can cut through the heavy obstacles and achieve the goal he wants! He is furious at this time, so he is merciless when he takes his hand. The sword Qi surges all over Fang Yang\’s blade and runs through one after another. However, all the martial arts of Chaimu palace who are rubbed by the sword Qi are howling and flying out directly.

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