Does it hurt that much? Just now I knocked him. I dragged him all the way back, but I didn\’t see his pain. Why did I wake up all of a sudden?

With one step, he rushed one after another. Fang Yang gave a loud cry, and ten sword blades flew out again. This time, the purple sharp sword penetrated Qian Zhuofeng. Dang Dang, several crisp sounds. When the sword was colliding with Qian Zhuofeng, it was directly bounced off by his scales. Qian Zhuofeng stretched out his hands and quickly grasped the two sword blades in the palm of his hand. He smiled in front of Fang YANGSEN, then opened his mouth and thrust the blade directly into his mouth. Click. The sound of the blade breaking, under his cold sharp teeth, Fang Yang\’s green grain xuanbing was directly bitten into several pieces. \”This\” Fang Yang was shocked. That\’s the green grain xuanbing! Regardless of the strength of Tao patterns contained in it, it can only reach the level of green patterns. The material of xuanbing is undoubtedly not extraordinary. It can be achieved only after countless times of refining by martial artists above chuyang. But now it\’s so simple that it\’s more broken than him? Isn\’t Qian Zhuofeng\’s teeth sharp enough to catch up with the purple stripe xuanbing? When his mind changed, Qian Zhuofeng smiled coldly and quickly approached Fang Yang. He seemed to have lost his language ability. Without saying a word, when he saw Fang Yang, he just turned the killing meaning between his eyes to the extreme. The right hand wrapped around the black fog suddenly stretched out, like a black gun breaking through the air, and the black awn floated very fast. \”Big sun cover!\” Fang Yang\’s body sank, and the pure Yang Xuanqi quickly condensed into protective vigorous Qi to resist. Bang! There was a dull noise. The big sun mask, which was originally a terrible defense, suddenly trembled under Qian Zhuofeng\’s claw. Then Fang Yang clearly saw the place filled with black fog, and quickly melted a hole in the top of the big sun mask. Qian Zhuofeng\’s claw directly poked in and grabbed it on Fang Yang\’s body. Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly and his body retreated quickly, but he was rubbed by the sharp claw. Immediately, the black light on Fang Yang\’s chest flashed, quickly left a scar, and the black blood flowed out. \”How corrosive!\” feeling the pain in his chest, Fang Yang was surprised. Chunyang Xuanqi moved, and it took a little effort to eliminate the black gas carried on the sharp claw. Now he also understands why Qian Zhuofeng can bite off his green grain xuanbing. It\’s not because Qian Zhuofeng\’s teeth are sharp enough, but because his sharp claws are too corrosive. On biting off the green grain xuanbing, the material of the xuanbing has long been corroded beyond recognition and the texture is soft. \”Is this dragon poison?\” Fang Yang looked serious. Chapter 381 sword in heart

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