Li Siyu nodded with a smile and said, I\’m a formal secretary now.

With a slight hiss, under Fang Yang\’s sword, he clearly cut a small hole in front of him. The hole in another space! However, in an instant, the space healed again, and the hole disappeared in an instant. But just for a moment, it was enough to make Fang Yang surprised and happy: \”so it is! It\’s this feeling! I understand!\” The sword moves in the tower of the sword are progressive layer by layer. The Qi eye sword Fang Yang learned on the first floor is the basis for learning the second floor sword moves! The power of space is not easy to master, but as long as Fang Yang uses the Qi eye sword to find a node with unstable space around, then cut through the space and distort the space in a short time! The previous sword is Fang Yang\’s faint awareness of the space in front of him It\’s a strange place in the world. A sword stabbed out will have such an effect. Since you master the introduction, the next cultivation will be easier. In the sword tower, you can quickly recover your essence, Qi and spirit. Fang Yang focuses on it, walks around, looks for the weak point in the space, and then swings the blade to cut the space. With the more swords produced by Fang Yang, it\’s a hundred times since before At most, the sword can succeed in one sword, and the success rate increases sharply at the back. After he used the sword for more than ten thousand years, his mind moved, and he suddenly noticed a great fluctuation point. He stepped out three steps in front of him, and waved the sword blade in his hand. A mirror appeared and cut away in the air! Chapter 319 Dynasty task shouted, \”finally.\” Fang Yang took a long breath, and when he came back, he had separated from the second floor of the sword tower. \”I don\’t know how long it has been this time. It seems that I have been in the sword tower for several years. Although there is a special Dharma array that can slow down the flow of time, it should have been a while outside.\” Fang Yang stood up, his soul moved, glanced around the cave quickly, and then felt a breath. He stood anxiously in front of his cave and walked around. \”Hmm? Is this man?\” Fang Yang frowned. He was also impressed by the young man. He was one of the people who came to his cave with Shang Wen\’an that day. He was the one who wanted to attack the cave at first. Looking at his expression, he should have something to find himself. Thinking of this, Fang Yang set off, opened the cave and went out. Wang Wu was anxious to die these days. He had received an order to find Yang Huo, but However, the boy has been waiting here for five days. If he can\’t wait for Yang Huo again, it is estimated that he will be punished for transmitting messages. Just when he has a headache, Fang Yang\’s body came out as soon as the cave covered by the Dharma array opened in front of him.

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