The next day after work, Li Siyu had dinner early and waited for dark.

\”What\’s that?\” someone looked up at the throne. On the wall, there was a round jade mirror. \”It must be some baby! Go and have a look!\” A warrior flew out and wanted to take off the round mirror. But when his hand touched the round mirror, a black light suddenly appeared and shone on the warrior. The black light turned into fire and burned. The flame was not as red and hot as an ordinary flame, but with a bit of dark color and full of Yin. Just heard a howl, the warrior fell to the ground After a struggle, some people around him saw that it was running again and again. Xuanqi wanted to help him put out the flame, but Xuanqi jumped on the flame. Instead of letting the flame go out, it burned more vigorously. The warrior howled and rolled a few times, then he was silent. Until there was no breath, the flame on his body slowly disappeared. The warrior had died miserably! \”Li Wu!\” \”What, why does the mirror emit black light?\” \”the flame is abnormal, everyone be careful!\” the martial arts man beside him shouted in surprise. CHEN Si, who was sweeping around, heard the sound here, moved and rushed over immediately: \”get away!\” His voice roared and drove the people around him back, so he hurried to the front. CHEN Si\’s eyes first swept over the dead charred black body, and finally fixed on the mirror above the throne and looked carefully. \”Green grain xuanbing? What a powerful breath!\” As soon as his eyes lit up, his big hand grabbed it from the mirror. The strong breath revealed by the green grain xuanbing made CHEN Si excited at the peak of the empty and dark world. He didn\’t know how many times stronger than the ordinary xuanbing scattered around him. Therefore, he directly wanted to catch the xuanbing and refine it into his own thing. Just when Chen Si first shot, the circle There was another black light projection on the mirror. When the black light touched him, it turned into a dark flame and burned. \”Can you burn the mysterious Qi?\” Chen Si was surprised, and his eyes became brighter and brighter. The stronger the strength of this round mirror, the happier CHEN Si was. \”Just be my thing!\” CHEN Si roared, his dark Qi flowed all over and turned into a huge hand shadow. He grabbed it on the mirror. He directly ignored the burning of the black flame on the dark Qi and resisted it. He was going to turn the dark Qi to refine the dark soldier. His dark Qi wriggled and wrapped around the round mirror to refine the soul. However, CHEN Si frowned slightly for a few minutes The color of Madness on the has also weakened a lot.

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