He knew that there was no one nearby, and he had the courage to catch Li Siyu\’s arm with an obscene smile.

\”Another third of the people died. It\’s really hard to enter the Guya mountain.\” Fang Yang sighed. There are less than 150 people left in the team of more than 200 people, but after two wars and bloody felling, there is no doubt that the combat effectiveness of the remaining people will be greatly guaranteed. He didn\’t have much consumption himself. He sat with Qin Chuan and looked around. In the distance, Liu Ziqian and his five people quietly rushed to Fang Yang\’s side. \”Hey, I knew brother Yang was okay.\” Liu Ziqian smiled. Fang Yang looked at several people beside him. His breath was peaceful. He didn\’t seem to have any loss. He couldn\’t help but feel a strange feeling in his heart. Are these five people really just the cultivation of the peak of concentration realm? You know, under the previous attack of this group of ash apes, several martial artists in the empty and dark world were damaged. \”Lucky, I didn\’t encounter any attack.\” Fang Yang shrugged. Liu Ziqian smiled and was noncommittal. The man seemed determined to follow Fang Yang. Even if he didn\’t say anything, he sat down cross legged and didn\’t mean to go at all. Over there, the faceless man soon woke up from breathing regulation. He was not seriously hurt. After standing up, he glanced around the bone tooth mountains in front of him. Fang Yang swept the corners of his eyes and saw his fist clenched. \”Xiao Si, how\’s it going?\” the faceless man said without looking back. The blind boy walked a few steps to the faceless man. Fang Yang knew the origin of the soul in the sea. Then he clearly saw a touch of green and red light on the thin cheeks of the blind boy. Then, in the middle of his eyebrows, the white breath curled up, and a vertical pupil appeared. The boy pinched his hands, and the red light was dense in his heart, as if something was flowing in it. \”What a powerful soul power, is this the heart divination?\” Fang Yang was surprised. Although he had seen Zhu Shuang, it was also the first time he had seen the means of heart divination. The soul power of the blind boy was obviously higher than Zhu Shuang. Fang Yang didn\’t know that the heart divination technique used by the blind boy was unusual. It was not the heart divination used by Sheng Zong\’s disciples. But a more expert divination, called Tianyan mental arithmetic. Tianyan mental arithmetic is the peak of mind divination. We should adhere to the power of heaven and earth and integrate it with our own soul power. The calculated things are extremely detailed. There are only a few more than ten people in niansheng Zong who can use this skill. It can be seen that his ability is very unusual that a teenager can use it at such a young age. \”Isn\’t Zhu Shuang the top three of niansheng\’s surname and Zhu\’s surname?\” Fang Yang frowned. The power of the young man\’s soul ran for a while, and there was a half sound. His body trembled, and he nearly fell. He was still a ghost with eyes and eyes, and his hand quickly helped the young man. The boy\’s thin face became more and more empty and white. He whispered, \”I know the location about.\”

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