Li Siyu is an adult. Why don\’t you know what he really thinks?

\”Shit, there are more than a million people in the Hunyuan city. They are looking for the year to find one by one.\” Zheng Ninghai scolded. Wang Qiushui, who has been silent nearby, suddenly said, \”I think he should go to the mysterious world too.\” \”go to the mysterious world? It\’s impossible, unless the boy wants to die.\” Zheng Ninghai sneered. The mysterious world is not a joke. There are restrictions on entering it. Once you really enter it, you will inevitably encounter a struggle, and your identity will be exposed faster. Wang Qiushui glanced at him and didn\’t answer. Zhu Shuang agreed: \”I also have this feeling. You know that we nianshengzong\’s mind prediction is powerful. Since I have this feeling, the accuracy can reach 80%.\” hearing Zhu Shuang\’s words, Zheng Ninghai nodded thoughtfully and patted his thigh: \”Don\’t worry about him. Anyway, we\’ll have to go to the dark world this time. If the boy is the best inside, he can save a lot of effort. If he\’s not inside, it\’s the same to come out and find him again.\” So the three of them all made up their minds to take part in the trip to the mysterious world. Wang Qiushui sat quietly, and a few different colors suddenly appeared in his cold eyes. He never told them that he had something that could detect the whereabouts of Fang Yang. Chapter 156 the mysterious world opened the Zhou family\’s residence. There was a sudden roar in a remote Pavilion in the backyard 2. Fortunately, this place is remote and there are no servants, so it didn\’t disturb too many people. Ka. The door of the pavilion opened, and a figure covered with blood scabs and ragged clothes rushed out. Fang Yang stood in the open space in front of the building, with pure Yang and mysterious Qi flowing wildly. His hands moved, and miscellaneous patterns appeared in the palm of his hand, half a sound, and the seal method condensed into heaven and earth Words. Fang Yang smashed his hands on the ground. Shaking the ground seal! The ground under his feet was cracked layer by layer, and there was a loud bang, and a huge deep pit appeared directly. He kept holding his hands up and took pictures, and the words of the sky came out again. Zhen Tianyin! The blue light column pointed directly at the sky, instantly penetrated the sea of clouds, and a burst of thunder and roar came out in the sky.

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