This thing caught up with the tractor. Why is the engine so loud?

At this time, several subordinates of Teng shuize also noticed the medicine bottle and came to Teng shuize in a flash, staring at the medicine bottle with doubts in their eyes. At this time, Teng shuize put a finger in, dipped in a drop of medicine, and then put it into his mouth. \”No, my Lord!\” several subordinates were in a hurry at that time. The origin of the liquid was unknown. What if it was a poison? However, it was too late at this time, and a drop of medicine had been swallowed by Teng shuize. For a moment, several subordinates of Teng shuize were nervous and looked at Teng shuize nervously. However, after a while, Teng shuize had nothing to do. Seeing this, their hearts settled down. But people noticed that Teng shuize\’s face was more ugly than before. \”No wonder they still have the strength to escape.\” Teng shuize murmured after taking a deep breath. \”What\’s the matter, my lord?\” asked Ning Sheng, a confidant closest to Teng shuize. \”The liquid in this medicine bottle has a supreme healing effect, but although it is powerful, it is not powerful enough. According to my estimation, it can be useful to the top friars in Lingwu territory at most.\” Teng shuize said slowly. \”Sir, you mean they drank the liquid and ran away?\” the subordinate asked. \”Absolutely not wrong,\” Teng shuize concluded. \”Tell me to go down and check the liquid medicine and find some wise doctors to see the composition of the liquid medicine. This clever pill is definitely not from ordinary people. I think it has a certain reputation in the Longyuan Dynasty. At this time, Wu fan and others are seriously injured and are likely to go to the doctor for treatment. If so, it is possible to catch him People! \”Teng shuize said coldly. \”Yes, sir!\” said the men immediately. Then he took the medicine bottle in Teng shuize\’s hand and withdrew one after another. After several people left, standing in the pit, Teng shuize\’s eyes twinkled, and a murderous spirit kept rising from his body: \”no one can escape from Teng shuize\’s hands! Wu fan? Hum, it\’s just a residue, and the next meeting will be your death!\” Chapter 5 and 17 still left when Teng shuize was trying to investigate clues, And Fang Yang has returned to the Shangyang palace. When Fang Yang returns to the Shangyang palace, it is already night. In the void, the bright moon hung high, and the hazy moonlight shrouded the whole Shangyang palace. At night, the cool air rising in the mountains was set off by the moonlight as if it were a fairy fog. For a moment, the whole Shangyang palace was particularly quiet and beautiful. According to the truth, Fang Yang should go to Song Ling to report back to the Shangyang palace, but Fang Yang didn\’t care about those and went straight back to his yard.

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