Erya raised her head and asked Li Siyu. The two braids on her head had spread, and her curly hair was like a doll.

There are also some intermediate and low-level continents, most of which are near wangyuanhai, while another part, such as Dehua, is one of the closest continents. It is estimated that it should arrive the latest. However, because of the sudden incident, no one will blame them. However, for the sake of global competition, they should have set out early. Even if they are later than others, they are not too late, right? These are Jane Xi\’s conjectures, but the facts should not be too far away. Jian Xi found emperor Shitian, haoyimen, Danding sect, Xiaoyao mountain villa and Qizong. She didn\’t find Xuannv palace, Binghan palace and sword valley. I think she hasn\’t arrived yet. She searched and searched in the crowd. She hadn\’t seen Jane\’s mother, Jane Xinyan and Xin Yu for a long time. However, Xuannv palace and Binghan palace haven\’t arrived yet, but it took her a long time to find Yu Muyang, Ruonan, Xinwei, Wang Mingfu, Fang Hongyuan, Shao Yanyong, Fang Qinghai and Wu Jingyuan of haoyimen; Also found Liu Tianhao and Fang Ailong of the Danding sect; Shao Jie of Qizong But she can\’t meet them now. She has to settle down with zongmen. She can\’t find them until everything is over. Xuantianzong camp, a super large sea ship stopped there. This is their temporary camp. It\’s simple. It is also clear that each force is a sea ship, those super large sea ships. Generally, they belong to the top clans and families in the advanced continent, and they are easy to find. A hunting flag is erected on their sea ships, and the names of their respective forces are embroidered on the flag. Said it was settled. In fact, they follow the training style of Long Yun. After all, they are a collective. You can\’t run around here as soon as you get here. You always have to have a charter, although it happened in a hurry. But obviously they are also very methodical and not disorderly. Every camp is reserved so that it won\’t be messy. Long Yun saw that the ship had stopped at the reserved place. Just floating in the bow of xuantianzong\’s big ship, the majestic voice was sent to each xuantianzong Friar\’s ear. To the effect that they will have one day to repair. That is, in the early morning of tomorrow, when he entered the battlefield, Long Yun asked all xuantianzong\’s disciples to recuperate during the night. At the same time, everyone went to the designated place to receive supplies for the next month. Of course, the so-called supplies are all kinds of spirit tools refined by the tool refining hall, but they are unified, one for attack and one for defense. There is also the pill refined by Jian Xi and the disciples of the Dan Hall. It\’s just that what accomplishments correspond to what specifications of weapons and pills you receive. If they are too high, the disciples of accomplishments can\’t control or bear them. At this point, no one will think there is anything wrong. However, when everyone looked carefully with their storage bag, the color of shock in their eyes could not be hidden. However, they also listened to Long Yun\’s previous warning: on this battlefield, not only those void star beasts are enemies, but also some monks are vicious people. They will also take the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and rob other monks, so while killing the void star beasts, We should also pay attention to other sect disciples. You can\’t blindly trust others and guard against others. Everyone has received the supplies. These supplies have long been repackaged. As long as they are distributed one by one according to the list, it\’s not a bother, and it goes on quickly. Then, Long Yun looked at the more than 10000 xuantianzong disciples and solemnly confessed all the information he knew about the virtual space stars and beasts, including the known weaknesses of the virtual space stars. Void star beast: it has low intelligence, likes to eat flesh and blood, is ferocious and aggressive, and has amazing defense. The first-order void star beast is the lowest star beast, which is equivalent to the strength of human primordial friars, but its defense has to increase the difficulty of killing. It requires more than two primordial friars to deal with a first-order void star beast. The strength of the second-order star beast is equivalent to that of the friar from the human out of the body stage to the God melting stage. The strength of the same-order void star beast is also weak and strong, but the second-order void star beast in the peak state can kill the second-order star beast, but the second-order void star beast in the peak state is barely equivalent to the human friar in the middle of the God melting stage. Therefore, the strength of the void star beast in the middle of the God melting stage is equivalent to that of the second-order peak, Because the defense of the void star beast adds a lot of points to it. The peak state of the third-order starbeast is already equivalent to the human friars in the later stage of integration. If the two meet alone, the human friars will prevail. The peak state of the fourth order star beast is equivalent to that of the human friar. The fifth order star beast is the strongest one who can enter from the seal gap. Their intelligence is close to that of human beings, and their peak strength is also similar to that of the Mahayana. However, there are not many empty star beasts of this strength, but each one is the existence of destroying the sky and the earth. Among the friars in the alliance, the friars who were full during the Mahayana period could count with one hand. Xuantianzong had no one, and there were only three friars in the late Mahayana period. Those friars who wanted to be full during the Mahayana period were also from several other sects. Li Zhiyu once said to Jian Xi privately that the ancestors in the mountain behind zongmen were very full during the Mahayana and were a step away from flying. They did not dare to come to the battlefield, not because they were afraid of death or danger, but because their ability was too close to flying. If they used their strength a little, they might attract light and fly directly to the fairyland, In this way, not only can we not kill the empty star beast, but also there is no chance to give the sect a final escort. After all, if all the people on the front line are destroyed, there are still people in the sect. Some people keep the inheritance of the sect. As long as the fire is kept, there will always be hope.

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