The conductor came to check the situation and left without even asking.

If there is a divine knowledge skill, she also has this opportunity and good fortune. It\’s up to us. Don\’t spread it to cause trouble to this girl. as a leader of the sect, of course, she won\’t covet the disciple\’s skill. Xuantianzong\’s divine knowledge skill is also very powerful. \”Also, the girl hid her accomplishments.\” the elder Li Zhiyu put down his tea cup and then said. \”What?\” \”What?\” several unbelievable questions were issued together. \”Your accomplishments may not be obvious, but my accomplishments are much higher than her, so you can see that her accomplishments are at the early stage of transforming God. She is also the top among all young monks here, including us. Only those three people are on the same level with her, and she is only about 25 years old. Genius! She came out of the low-level continent , it\’s really not easy. Under such good conditions here, we can still help her to reach this level, but she started from the low-level mainland, which shows her uniqueness. \”Li Zhiyu, a white haired and childlike, is full of praise for Jian Xi. \”I think there must be a lot of opportunities for this girl, otherwise, it is impossible to reach this height simply by practicing.\” the Third Elder Wang Chushan also nodded his head. \”Those young geniuses don\’t have any special opportunities. This is also a kind of luck, that is to say. The girl\’s luck is also strong and abnormal. It seems that we should pay more attention to the girl in the future.\” the second elder Zhang Xinru straightened up and looked at the other positive faces. \”Well, it\’s time for us to hire people. Although she is a girl, her strength is regardless of men and women. If a girl wants to grow up, she has to pay much more than a boy,\” said Zhao Mayi, the fourth elder. \”I want to take this girl as an apprentice myself,\” said the elder Li Zhiyu decisively. \”I said, boss, you can\’t let me grab it too fast.\” Zhao Mayi, the fourth elder, shouted angrily. \”You have an opinion -\” Li Zhiyu lengthened his voice and squinted at Zhao ma. \”How dare you! Who makes you the boss? Your accomplishments are high, and your hair is white.\” later, the voice became lower and lower, and the last few words were hard to hear, but everyone heard clearly what accomplishments they were, and all laughed for a moment. After Li Zhiyu laughed and scolded, the topic of everyone came to the rampant demon cultivation. \”We xuantianzong are also hiding a lot of demons! But it\’s not easy to find them one by one. It\’s really that they disguised too successfully, but recently there seems to be a mysterious force attacking demons!\” the second elder Zhang Xinru sighed and said. \”I don\’t know what kind of force this is. I\’ve even picked two of their dens. The dens of demon Xiu have always been hidden and unusual. It\’s easy to find them. I didn\’t expect that two of them were destroyed in such a short time. It seems that demon Xiu is going to hurt. They are generally scattered in every corner. There are not many dens. Now two are lost. The loss is not small!\” Long Yun also said with deep feeling. \”Can\’t we find out the behind the scenes of this mysterious force?\” the fourth elder Zhao Mayi shouted. \”At present, I don\’t have any information about this mysterious force. I only know that this force seems to have a feud with demon Xiu, but demon Xiu has offended too many people. Who knows which force it is, but it\’s impossible to destroy demon Xiu only by this force. In fact, demon Xiu has been operating secretly for about ten years, and their people have penetrated into every corner, How difficult it is to uproot them by roots, \”the elder Li Zhiyu shook his head and sighed softly. \”Five years later, the whole xuanqiu star sect is so important that I don\’t know if it will be destroyed by this demon cultivation.\” the second elder Zhang Xinru worried about the tunnel. \”So in recent years, we should not only cultivate our disciples, but also find those evil practitioners and spies who go out. We can\’t let each other disintegrate us inside.\” the handsome face of three elder Wang Chushan also showed a trace of ruthlessness. \”Yes! There must be evil cultivation among these new disciples, but we don\’t know which one. We need to observe carefully!\” Long Yun also replied. \”Haven\’t you heard from Qijie Zhiyuan over there?\” Li Zhiyu said.

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