Sister-in-law. Li Chengyue glanced at her, then saw the things behind Li Chengcai\’s back, and immediately smiled.

Tonight, Jiannan didn\’t ask Jianxi to practice directly with real objects, but just transmitted her some theoretical knowledge to let her understand what kind of array is and what kind of material is used to refine the array flag, instead of saying that all arrays use the same material, which is also like refining pills. Different pills should have different prescriptions. Array flag. The array flags required by different arrays are also different. Each array will change accordingly. Almost the higher the level of the array, the more precious and scarce the materials are. Most of the materials in Jian Xi\’s hand can only refine some non-standard array flags, but it doesn\’t matter. She is a beginner. With these materials, she can practice techniques for her. However, in the initial purification, Jian Xi still needs to start with every iron. Even if there is a large amount of every iron, a little iron mother will be extracted. It is the lowest material, which can be used to refine utensils and is also a material in the array flag. What Jane Xi needs to do is like alchemy. She needs to learn to refine metals or ores. At this time, Jane Xi feels that she really must have money. Only when she has money can she recklessly purchase a large number of iron ingots, steel ingots, copper ingots, some rare metals, and other refined secular materials. For these things, she called her mother Jane Xinyan as early as may day. At that time, Jane Nan had such an idea, so she told Jane Xi to prepare in advance. Jane Xi also knew what to do, so there was no delay. Those materials had been transported to a warehouse concentration in J City before the college entrance examination, where there was a large warehouse rented by Jane Xi. It\’s full. Thanks to the ring left by the Golden Lotus fairy to Jane Xi, there was not much space at the beginning. But Jane Xi found that it also increased with the growth of her own divine consciousness. Now it\’s so big that it can hold so many materials. Jane Xi\’s next morning, after absorbing the last ray of purple air, she pinched the stealth formula, stepped on the green moon, flew out of her own window, and came to the storage area in a few breaths. Before I found the warehouse I rented, there was no one next to me in the morning. I quietly opened the warehouse door with the key. Looking at the full warehouse of materials, I moved and put them away in an instant. After a while, the whole warehouse was clean. After locking the door. Then she flew to the other side like a light smoke. In the same time, it was only more than ten seconds that she had come to a construction site. This was a construction site that was shut down. It was said that the developer ran away. As a result, the project can not continue. Jane Xi came here because there is a concrete mixer. Jane Xi quickly sneaked into the transceiver room, where there was an old man and a dog. Jane Xi took it easy. The old man couldn\’t wake up for a while. The dog\’s ears suddenly moved, but he also fell asleep the next moment. She came to the power distribution room with a gentle twist, and the lock opened. Jane Xi smiled to herself. She was like a thief! But to save trouble, this is the fastest way to save trouble. Connect the power supply, push it up, check the water source, then turn around and come to the concrete mixer, press several switches, wave your hand, and bags of cement, mineral ash, sand and so on appear out of thin air and pour into it. The construction site is really not small, but only the old man and a dog, but they are still sleeping very heavily. In addition, it is early morning, Most people are still asleep, and the sound of the mixer has not attracted anyone\’s attention. According to the highest strength ratio of concrete, the evenly mixed concrete is continuously collected into the ring by Jianxi with divine knowledge. There, it will not dry, maintain the state just mixed, and will not disperse. It will be suspended there in piles. It was not until Jane Xi felt almost finished that she turned off the power supply, cut off the water source, returned to the distribution room, and turned off the main gate. After everything was done, she skillfully locked the big lock again. The watchman and the dog would wake up, but it would be later. After Jane Xi had done everything, she quietly returned to the villa, and everything was quiet, No one found out. In the small world, Jian Xi came to the deep pit where the formwork had been supported, and the reinforcement inside had been laid. The reinforcement was an imported product specially purchased by Jian Xi for Jian Xinyan, and the quality was quite good. Jian Xi was still not at ease, and reprocessed it with metallic aura, and these super reinforcements were born. With a wave of Jian Xi\’s small hand, the finished concrete that has been evenly stirred is poured into it continuously All morning, Jane Xi finally finished the whole foundation, and the rest was basically carpentry, and these carpentry were basically assembled. However, after doing so many hard work, Jane Xi was also a little tired. She not only used a lot of divine knowledge, but also was mentally tired. This was not a person\’s work, but she did it all by herself. She saw a lot and knew a lot about building a house, but when she built it by herself, it was a big girl who got on the sedan chair once and had to make herself as fine as possible, Think of everything you can think of, including some water supply and drainage facilities. One advantage of this soil is that human and animal excreta and impurities will decompose into non-toxic and harmless substances and digest them. It is very environmentally friendly, which makes Jane Xi very happy. However, even so, she has to build a septic tank, which is just a strong pit, After putting the slate on it, Jane Xi covered it with a thick layer of original soil. It can also grow flowers, grass and \”sunshine\”. Of course, sunshine can\’t be planted. Just kidding. The ground of the basement is also cast-in-situ and troweled with concrete. Jian Xi will only wait until they are completely dry before moisture-proof treatment. She doesn\’t know whether the ancient immortals would do this to their own residence, or whether they would have a better method of immortality. She has little knowledge in those aspects, and Jiannan is not very familiar with building a house, because he hasn\’t built it, only lived there, and the superior conditions didn\’t make him feel any inconvenience. However, after reading the modern water supply and drainage equipment and various electrical appliances, He had to marvel that he could make his life so convenient without using magic. He really admired the wonderful ideas and inventions of modern humans. Jane Xi is used to this kind of life, so her residence should fit in with her current life as much as possible, and she has to use buckets and so on until she gets up at night. So at the beginning of her design, she thought very carefully. Everything she could think of was reflected in the design drawings. She likes to watch her home gradually take shape in her hands day by day, gradually perfect and comfortable. Every day when she works, she is full of expectation.

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