Little sister, when did my mother get the money ticket for you? Li sinang remembered that my mother didn\’t give Li Siyu anything, and didn\’t explain these things when I left.

The aura circulates around Jian Xi. She knows the Golden Lotus shaped nebula in the sea and rotates slowly. Jian Xi\’s mind becomes clearer and calmer. She watches Jia Lei gently caress his fractured forearm with her innate Qi. Jian Xi no longer gives him a chance to treat. Liu\’s footsteps make Jian Xi\’s figure as a ghost and rush towards Jia Lei at an incredible angle, A punch hit Jia Lei\’s right rib. At this time, Jia Lei couldn\’t react at all. He wanted to avoid or block back, but he couldn\’t escape. Jane was too fast and wanted to block back, but that arm had been broken and couldn\’t use strength at all. He had to carry Jian Xi\’s original Qi under his rib and carry Jian Xi\’s crack fist. Jian Xi\’s aura was carried in his boxing style, Another \”click\” sound broke two ribs. The fist wind rushed into Jia Lei\’s body with aura and ravaged his meridians. Jia Lei made another sad cry \”ah – I\’m going to kill you bitch\”. The strong pain made Jia Lei\’s eyes red. The tearing of meridians in his body made him crazy. The innate Qi of his whole body gathered in the active left arm and waved to Jian Xi, The fist hasn\’t arrived yet. But the sound effect brought by it has a momentum of grabbing people. Jian Xi stepped on Liu Zong\’s step lightly under her feet. She didn\’t panic about Jia Lei\’s fist, which had lost some rules. She hid so lightly and skillfully. Unexpectedly, Jia Lei\’s fist suddenly changed halfway, and her left elbow turned to the direction Jian Xi avoided. Jane Xi\’s combat experience is still too poor. She didn\’t expect that the amazing punch just now was a false move. In a hurry, Liu Zongbu\’s skilled use made her body\’s instinctive response faster than the brain\’s response speed. After narrowly avoiding Jia Lei\’s attack, Jane Xi was also a little angry. My own experience is too poor. Now I can only make \”crack fist\” move by move next to each other. So Jian Xi\’s play method is repeated again. It\’s not that one of the moves suddenly appears, but it\’s played in sequence according to the sequence of moves. One type is more powerful than one type. The moves of \”crack ground fist\” have the effect of superposition, which is right on the way. In the third move, Jane Xi punched Jia Lei on the head, and Jia Lei fell to the ground. People have been in a trance, but they haven\’t fainted yet. But she had no ability to fight back. She fell to the ground and twitched. Jane Xi glanced at the naked and disgusting cheap man. A wisp of finger wind pointed to Jia Lei\’s Dantian. Jia Lei was more paralyzed like an angry ball, but she woke up slightly. His martial arts were abolished, which was more difficult for him to accept than killing him. He howled in pain and his voice was very resentful. \”Jian Xi, the Jia family will not let you go. You can\’t wait to survive or die!\” \”It\’s still hard at this time. All I know is that you can\’t survive now – hum\” Jane Xi stepped on his grandson\’s roots and said angrily, \”you can\’t survive. You can\’t live a great life, huh?\” she tried hard on her feet, and then came Jia Lei\’s scream of heart crack and lung, and then fainted. Jane Xi looked at a pile of disgusting white meat on the ground, took back her feet, rubbed and rubbed the soles of her shoes on the carpet, and turned to leave the private room. Since she had done this step, it would be futile to cover it up. Why not just fight enough? The most powerful Jia Lei has become a waste, and the rest are just ordinary gang members. Jian Xi quickly passes by the living room of the suite. Ruo Nan and Yuanyuan are hiding at the door of the living room and the corridor. They are peeping out in fear. Ruo Nan is still holding a mobile phone in the video. At the door of the suite, Xin Yu is still dealing with a batch of thugs like a door god, looking at the guns scattered on the ground. Jian Xi can\’t help but be shocked and only hears Shuangyi scream, A gang member\’s pistol fell to the ground and covered his arm with a hole. It was only three minutes before Jian Xi rushed into the room and came out. In the corridor, plus those who fainted before entering, more than 30 thugs had fallen. There were gang members lying on the ground everywhere in the not spacious corridor. There were more than a dozen people standing. Except a few with guns, most of the others were holding knives or daggers, but they dared not come forward, Not to mention Xinyu\’s force value, that is, the concealed weapon with terrible speed, has stopped them. Jianxi came to Xinyu and looked at the situation in the corridor. She couldn\’t help but have a headache. The scene was a little big. However, now there was only one way to go to the dark. Jianxi whispered, \”it\’s all cleaned up inside. We should go.\” Xinyu nodded, more than a dozen Ice Spikes hit out, a dozen screams sounded, and all the remaining weapons with weapons got rid of them, Holding her wrists with blood holes, she screamed miserably. It seemed that there was no combat effectiveness. Jian Xi then Yuanyuan and Xin Yu hurried to the elevator with Ruo Nan, walking up and down. The elevator unattended was not locked, and the four of Jian Xi also went down to the first floor at a very fast speed. There were also some small riots in the hall, but they were ordinary tenants or reception girls, as well as normal staff. Looking at the two girls in ragged clothes and the two young men and women who went upstairs just now, the people in the hall were all surprised and suspicious. Aren\’t the two girls in ragged clothes led by the boss upstairs? What kind of person the boss is, they all know, and there is nothing strange. They just didn\’t expect to come down at the same time with the two strange young men and women before. But there was no one in charge here, and no one stopped them. The four rushed out of the hotel smoothly. Took a taxi and sent Ruonan and Yuanyuan back home respectively. What Jane Xi didn\’t expect was that Yuanyuan\’s father was Wu Songnian, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee of J city. Yuanyuan\’s academic performance was also quite excellent, and she looked very smart. She was one of the school flowers next to Jane Xi and Ruo Nan. She was usually gentle and had a good temper, so she got along well with Ruo Nan and Jian Xi, But they never knew that her family background was so prominent. This time, it was not to send Yuanyuan home. They would always be in the dark. Not only would they not know, but even the school didn\’t know. Looking at Yuanyuan\’s mother who loves her daughter and tears, Jane Xi remembered what Jia Fei and Jia Lei said before: the Secretary of the municipal Party committee is from the Fang family. But the Secretary of the municipal Party committee is surnamed Wu. What about the person in front of him? \”Hello, aunt, I don\’t know your name. We don\’t know how to call you?\” Jane asked laterally. \”Oh, my last name is Fang Qiong. Just call me aunt Fang.\” Fang Qiong hurriedly replied. Then she remembered that the benefactor who saved her daughter was still standing at the door and hurriedly took them to the living room. As soon as she opened the door, Yuanyuan threw herself into Fang Qiong\’s arms and said vaguely, \”Mom – Mom – scared me to death. Ruo Nan and I were robbed today, and we were almost saved by someone – wuwuwu – thanks to them, Mom – I\’m so scared -\” when Yuanyuan saw her relatives, she completely relaxed her nerves and burst into tears. Originally, after Jane Xi planned to send her home, they left and sent Ruo Nan back, but at the thought of their relationship, Jane Xi followed Fang Qiong\’s words into the living room. Yuanyuan\’s house covers an area of more than 100 square meters. The layout is simple and generous. The decoration is a little old-fashioned, but it looks very heavy and solemn. It is quite suitable for their position. Sitting on the sofa, Yuanyuan still nestled in Fang Qiong\’s arms and couldn\’t cry, as if it was the only safe place.

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