If your little sister gives you something to eat, how can there be so many things. the old lady didn\’t think much. She thought Li Siyu wanted to eat at noon and keep her stomach.

However, the chance of passing it is not very high, and the Emperor Xiaoyao is not sure whether it can pass it or not.Look at himself…Can we help? Ling Zhantian said.I can\’t help you, please disperse first, so as not to affect Shanghai\’s eighth death. said the Emperor Xiaoyao.boom……The fairyland trembled, and the cracks widened again.Everyone\’s complexion changed. It was obvious that the first demon emperor Zhe Yu was attacking the fairyland. He had already attacked continuously before. There were more and more cracks in the fairyland. If this continues, the fairyland may not last too long.Ningxue, you stay here to take care of Hao\’er. Let\’s go and see those cracks. Ling Zhantian confessed, leading everyone to observe the cracks. If there are too many cracks, they must make second-hand preparations. . In fact, they also knew that with the power of themselves and others, they couldn\’t compete with the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, but now they had no choice.Around Shanghai, only the three daughters of Mu Ningxue remained. As for Huangyu, who was still in her infancy, she was left to Shen Ling and others to take care of her.Watching Ling Zhantian and the others leave, the Emperor Xiaoyao cast his eyes on Mu Ningxue\’s third daughter, \”I need you to take action later…\”We? Bi Yuelan looked at Emperor Xiaoyao in confusion.This eighth death is extremely dangerous, and if you are not careful, you may be lost. However, if Shanghai can\’t get through, you won\’t be able to fight the first demon Emperor Zhe Yu. Wait a minute, you may need to take action, or even give it away. All of you……The Emperor Xiaoyao looked at Bi Yuelan, \”You are the sacred body of the Miaoyin Divine Qin, and you have some special magical effects. You should be clear.\”I see……Bi Yuelan\’s cheeks are slightly red, and she naturally knows what special features she possesses. For the first time, the woman of the sacred body of the melodious piano possesses a peculiar magical effect that can make other cultivators recover when they are on the verge of death. , And the strength skyrocketed.To have this magical effect, you must have your own strength above the god king level. This is because Bi Yuelan had to cultivate to the god king level before she planned to sacrifice herself.At this moment, Shanghai\’s body slowly became thinner, and his dark hair gradually fell. It was the same as the seven deaths he experienced before, except that his vitality disappeared very quickly this time, which was far beyond Shanghai\’s expectations, and he was at this moment. I am immersed in an empty space.Death invaded Shanghai\’s consciousness all the time, and his consciousness was also disappearing little by little, and only a little remained in the end.This point of consciousness is on the verge of extinction. Once the consciousness disperses, then Shanghai will lose all consciousness and truly die. This is an extremely dangerous moment.And at this critical moment of life and death, Shanghai\’s sea of ​​consciousness jumped frequently, and I saw pictures of memories that had never been seen before continue to emerge…

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