Li Chengyue was quick. She cooked the dumplings, put the seasoning in a bowl, brought it into the house, turned and left.

You… Shanghai looked at her in amazement.Is it beautiful? Yan Wushuang smiled: \”Actually, I didn\’t lie to you all the things I told you before. I am indeed the Eucharist of the Demon Mother. Except for being integrated with the emperor, I can give birth to two demon descendants. Only one can be born. Originally, I was chosen to be one with the second emperor, but after you appeared, the emperors changed their minds.\”While speaking, Yan Wushuang had already come next to her body, and with a light touch, the clothes of Shanghai disappeared.In the first time of the Eucharist of the Demon Mother, the descendants born will have a greater chance of becoming the emperor. But you are the one of the ancient demon and the demon. The descendants of you and me, I don\’t know what it will be like… Yan Wushuang smiled and hugged Shanghai, which was unable to move…Chapter 1647Yan Wushuang has left, but Shanghai is still imprisoned in the hall, his whole body is still unable to move, and his heart is full of complexity at this moment.Obviously, Yan Wushuang was demonized, and his consciousness was imprisoned like a forest. Now he is used by the monsters. If a sixth monster emperor is born, then the power of the monsters will surely become bigger, and this sixth one The demon emperor is still his descendant.Yan Wushuang must be stopped, otherwise it would be unimaginable if the demon possesses the sixth demon emperor.However, what Shanghai can do now is to break free of these constraints first.After struggling for a long time, Shanghai has exhausted all the means and can\’t get rid of these constraints.Suddenly, a mysterious force poured in, the imprisonment in the hall disappeared completely, the consciousness of Shanghai returned to the body, and the fingers trembled slightly.Able to move…A flash of joy flashed in Shanghai\’s eyes, and he immediately grabbed it, took out a piece of God Armor from the Tiangang Ring, and put it on his upper body directly.Find Yan Wushuang first. Shanghai Xin said.Immediately the perception spread out. The monsters and slaves outside the hall had already been evacuated, as did the three big monsters. They had already left here. The whole hall was empty. Shanghai directly smashed the door of the hall. When they walked out of the hall, It was found that the whole hall was flying in the depths of the sky, and was hitting the flames in the deepest part of the sky.The blaze of the sky is the most terrifying flame in the sky, and even the god emperor may be burned to fly ashes, let alone Shanghai.Obviously, after using Shanghai, the demon was ready to destroy it, so he sent the hall to the depths of the sky. Once Shanghai is burned by the sky flames, it will inevitably be wiped out. This sky flames will not only burn the body, but even the soul and all imprints. Can be incinerated.As soon as he moved his body, Shanghai urged all his strength to rush out of the hall. The moment he left, the hall fell into the sky of flames, and was incinerated in a flash, leaving no ashes left.Seeing the flames of the sky turned into nothingness, Shanghai took a deep breath.Located in the depths of the sky, Shanghai is meditating.

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