The voice of \”the Taoist friend in front, please stay\” sounded familiar, but Jane Xi didn\’t think it was for herself. She had a meal at her feet, and even if she didn\’t stop, she crossed the threshold and continued to walk.

Well, that guy is in the Sea Profound Star Territory ahead. I handed him over. This person is really terrifying… he deserves to be the leader of the ancient demons. The Difa God Emperor said to Shanghai instead: \”Boy, this emperor advises you to leave as soon as possible. The encounter between the ancient demon and the ancient demon has only one result-death!\”Thank you senior for telling me that I still want to go there. Shanghai arched his hands.Since you want to die, it\’s your own business. Difa Divine Emperor said here, his eyes turned to Tianyu Divine Emperor, \”Tianyu Taoist Fellow, I have a news that Long Xie Zhizun has been born and is calling for the past. Seat, I wonder if Fellow Tianyu is interested?\”Longxie Supreme has been born? Tianyu God Emperor frowned.Well, it\’s in the upper heaven of God\’s Domain. I plan to take a look. If you have an idea, you can go and try it. Difa Divine Emperor said: \”Long Xie and Yao, two supreme sacreds have been born one after another. The game is bound to begin, there is one emperor left, and it will inevitably lead to a war again… I have heard that Longxie Supreme has gained power for two generations, and Yao Zhizun is still looking for the body of the second generation. If it can’t be found, It will definitely fall short…\”What about the rest? Can you have any news? Tianyu God Emperor asked.Some of the others have recovered, some have already been recruited, and have gone to Longxie or Yao Zhizun. Some ancient races are also recovering… There will be a big battle soon, and at that time, I will wait. Chance of… Difa Divine Emperor said.Yeah. God Emperor Tianyu nodded slightly.As for Shanghai in the rear, I couldn\’t help worrying about being immortal. I didn\’t expect that Longxie Supreme had already recovered and the power of the two lives, coupled with the control of the upper heavens of God\’s Domain, I am afraid that the old immortal would be at a disadvantage.However, Shanghai remembered the ninety-nine Immortal Blood Pagodas of the Immortal Heavens. With this object, it should not be defeated by the Supreme Dragon of Xie. I don’t know how many tens of thousands of years, and it’s not so easy to die.boom……The star field suddenly trembled violently, and the stars in the distance burst into pieces. I saw a black light shuttled out of the star field and pierced many stars. I don\’t know how many stars, under these black lights, all turned into flying ash. , Yu Mang lased out……The two powers of the limit of the gods were pierced through their bodies before they had time to react, and then they burst into pieces.Drink… The golden armored man roared, his hands interlaced in front of him, sharp lights appeared on his five fingers, and he saw a main imperial artifact appearing above his hands, firmly pressing the black light, no Let him pierce into his body, but the physical strength contained in this black light was terrifying to the extreme, shocking him to retreat, smashing many stars behind him, and finally it was able to stop.However, the man in the golden armor had been injured, and even the main imperial artifact that appeared on his hands had slight cracks.The Emperor Tianyu stood in front with his hands behind his back, and the black light that came from the lasing shot disappeared when he was still a thousand feet away, and it was hard to hurt him. In addition to the Tianyu God Emperor, there was also the Earth Law God Emperor who also came over, right on the other side, looking into the distance.and also……Shanghai is keenly aware that in the nearby star field, there are some hidden figures watching the black light blasted from the star field ahead.These black lights made Shanghai\’s heart a little tight. It was the power of the ancient demon, and it was not just one, but the power of two ancient demon. These two forces were terrifying far beyond his imagination, and one of them was indeed Tiangang is a real person, and the other is…Purple Fox!

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