\”The old gentleman invited ~\” Jane Xi didn\’t call him a Taoist friend. There was no reason, just intuition.

呲…The two lieutenants shot, moving together from the left and right sides, one covered in silver, gold and ancient armor bursting with scorching flames of gods and demons, and the other was covered with ice crystals all over his body. This is the unique god and demons of the two lieutenants Power, the power of attack and killing spurred by this kind of power, is almost comparable to the gods.Shot from both sides, Shanghai was immediately flanked.boom……The flames of the gods and demons and the icy ice crystals covered Shanghai in an instant, and the two lieutenants snorted coldly. Guy, if you don\’t die, you have to be seriously injured, not to mention Shanghai, which is in the realm of the Seventh Blessed One.Sudden!A series of special and ancient lines have emerged on Shanghai, and they are indeed the top-level wild lines, and they are all coming together. The two powers of the gods and demons were instantly turned into nothing. With the rapid increase in Shanghai\’s speed, he had already reached Yin Long\’s side and grabbed Yin Long\’s shoulder with one hand.Yin Long was taken aback. After reacting, his face sank, \”Looking for death…\” His wings moved suddenly, and they became huge in an instant, and they fanned toward Shanghai with a more terrifying force covering the sky and the earth. The wings looked very thin, but This is the most lethal aspect of Yinlong\’s body, because the power contained in this pair of wings is enough to instantly cause a great ancient god and demon of the same level to suffer severe damage.Seeing that Shanghai was about to be smashed, but the accident reappeared, and Shanghai became extremely dark in an instant, with magic lines all over the body, and a strange power permeated in the body, which is exactly the ancient demon\’s rebirth. out.For Shanghai, this power is the power of regeneration, but for the ancient gods and demons, it is a deadly thing. With the strange power of the ancient demons\’ regeneration, Yinlong\’s body suddenly trembled, followed by his face. It became pale, his pupils showed a color of consternation, and even slowly turned into fear.Because not only was the power in his body limited to more than 50%, what’s more terrifying was that his own power was burned up, as if it became a terrible swallowing flame, burning his flesh and blood, and his strength suddenly dropped by seven. Into the above.The remaining 30% of the strength is difficult to maintain the flapping of the wings. The wings are slightly stagnant. Although it has only been stagnant for a moment, it is enough for Shanghai. When the body moves, it brushes the wings and the body is shattered. Part of it, but he ignored it and grabbed Yinlong\’s shoulder with one hand.boom……The strange power of the ancient demon\’s regeneration was poured into Yin Long\’s body, and the latter\’s face was even more ugly, because his power had been limited to 10%.Yinlong, with only 10% of his power left, could hardly suppress Shanghai even if he was a god. But after all, he had experienced a lot of battles and quickly slammed a punch on Shanghai’s abdomen. It is not difficult for a human cultivator to shake open, but when this punch hit Shanghai, his face changed completely.Bang…The strength of his physique, not weaker than that, came out, turning all the power of that punch into nothingness.Isn\’t he a human cultivator? Why is he stronger than me…Yinlong\’s expression changed drastically. He really couldn\’t imagine that a human cultivator\’s physique could be so terribly strong. Seeing Shanghai\’s hand pressing on him, the remaining 10% of his body\’s strength gradually disappeared…Want to die or to live? Shanghai stared at Yinlong.

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