Inside the door stood a monk in uniform. His accomplishments were in the middle of the golden elixir. He saw a young girl leading a child in. He hurried forward and stopped the way.

Who could have predicted that Shanghai would be the one who appeared.In Shanghai at this moment, the pupils are extremely dark, like an endless barren space, and everyone who looks at them feels deeply taken in.After reacting, the beautiful eyes of the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and Qianye revealed complex colors. No one knew what they were thinking, only they knew.Brother Hao… Mu Ningxue was surprised.Hao…Bi Yuelan\’s excited body trembled slightly, and her eyes couldn\’t help but turn red. Before, what she was most worried about was an accident in Shanghai. Now that Shanghai has appeared, the hanging heart has finally let go.Everyone present had different expressions, some were weird, some were extremely complex, and others had nothing to say. The former naturally knew Shanghai, especially the Evil King, who stared at Shanghai steadily, and their expressions were transparent. It\’s incredible and complicated, and there is a trace of hatred.It\’s you again… Xingluo\’s eyes were filled with a strange color, \”It\’s just right, I\’ll cut you off first, and then dispose of other people properly.\”As he spoke, the main imperial weapon halberd trembled violently, and a series of emperor patterns appeared, and in an instant it seemed to be integrated with the star, and the power surging out of him became more and more terrifying, even in Not far away, the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and others were all shocked.It\’s actually not his strongest power…Unexpectedly, Xing Luo\’s strength has already surpassed me.Mo Yu took a deep breath. He didn\’t expect Xing Luo to hide his strength all the time. This ability was almost comparable to the power he used to use the secondary emperor artifact, plus the power of the god emperor contained in the main emperor artifact. In the face of the ancient king and the holy emperor, both can be completely overwhelmed.Hao, be careful… Bi Yuelan\’s two girls were shocked and quickly urged their momentum.die!Xing Luo\’s pupils condensed, and the main emperor weapon halberd cut out.In an instant!Everything was distorted, including the surrounding space. The one hundred thousand li area suddenly sank, as if it had collapsed. Numerous ice crystal beasts shattered on the spot, and even the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and the others couldn\’t help but wield the sub-emperor weapon. Then, under Yu Wei\’s collision, the deputy imperial weapon creaked.Feeling the terrifying remaining prestige, the hearts of the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and others sank completely. The power of this blow has far surpassed the limit they can bear. If they face this blow, even They can do everything they can, but they are also hard to resist.At this time, Shanghai stepped on the void and stretched out his right hand.He… what is he going to do?

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