Jane Xi didn\’t find out, but the city guard took a shortcut, which was not unmatched by strangers like Jane Xi, but she couldn\’t stop. She ran to the Danshi tower and watched the pursuers behind her.

Not to mention five hundred miles away, just the more than three million strong people and one hundred thousand silver armor strong people within these five hundred miles are already terrifying.With one enemy to a million… how is this possible…It\’s really impossible. I\’m afraid you will be crushed and killed as soon as you step on the road against the sky…If the strength is about the same as expected, there should still be a glimmer of opportunity to step into the five hundred miles. Even if you face more than three million strong people, you will face dozens of strong people every time, and at most hundreds of strong people. With all my strength, it’s not impossible to shock some people.Even if you reach five hundred miles away, I\’m afraid I\’m already seriously injured.
Don\’t talk about high-ranking gods, this kind of formation, I am afraid that the pinnacle god king may not be able to pass the road against the sky…\”The strong onlookers all trembled, especially those who had only heard about it, and had not seen the path against the sky. Now, when they saw it, it gave them an unforgettable shock, because there are too many, more than three million. The strong standing on the five-hundred-mile avenue, looking at it, couldn\’t help making the scalp numb and sweating all over.What about people? Why haven\’t they come out yet?It should still be in the Palace of Heaven Defying Heaven.Isn\’t it scared by the current situation?It\’s normal to be scared. More than three million strong people gather within five hundred miles of the road against the sky, and there are other strong people joining at any time. Anyone who sees such a scene will not be scared if they are not scared. Normal. The strong people present started talking.Many people\’s gazes are focused on the Heavenly Guarding Hall, and almost 90% of them are sympathetic. It\’s no wonder that there was only one, either was abandoned or died on the way to Heaven Guards. There were more than 60 million people. The strong are all dead on this road.It doesn\’t matter whether it is one more or one less.While everyone was waiting anxiously, two figures appeared in the Heavenly Guards Hall, walking towards the road against the sky. Both figures are quite eye-catching, because one of them has silver hair, and the other The figure is actually a severely injured person…Two people……There is another seriously injured… a cultivator below the holy rank?What\’s a joke, the cultivators below the holy rank… dare to join the road against the sky, isn\’t this looking for death…In an instant!The countless strong people around were in an uproar.Chapter 1448The appearance of Shanghai and Leng Yihang had caused more than a big shock, and it almost shook the area of ​​the Nitian Temple within a radius of a million miles.

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