A tall old man with black hair and beard, hale and hearty, smiled and said, \”how about I answer you?\”

Brother Hao… Mu Ningxue became more and more worried.Brother Hao…This voice filled Shanghai\’s ears with a trembling and extremely worried voice, as well as the depths of his sea of ​​consciousness.Brother Hao… Shanghai shuddered, the scenes of the past, constantly appearing before his eyes, and finally fell to the moment when Mu Ningxue fell. At that moment, he suddenly understood why his heart was like this. Panic, why he couldn\’t be sure, because he didn\’t dare to face that scene, that was the weakest place deep in his heart.And this weakness has become his shackles.Looking up with difficulty, Shanghai saw Mu Ningxue\’s flustered look. At that moment, his heart suddenly warmed. He understood that people are always mortal. If you never want to face it and keep running away, it will not only become a shackle. , It will also cause unimaginable effects.Over the years, Shanghai has not been afraid of death, because he has experienced countless lives and deaths. What he fears most is the death of his relatives and loved ones, so he is escaping, but can evasion solve the problem? Mu Ningxue was right in front of her. She was still alive. Even if she died, she could be resurrected before. Why should she be afraid of losing her?Since you don\’t want to lose her, then protect her.If you don’t have enough strength, then you can improve. You have only cultivated for at most sixty years, and now you have reached the top level of the Fifth World Zun. Why can’t you hit a higher level? Yes, a strong power, I need a stronger power to protect her.Suddenly, Shanghai\’s heart became transparent. The original panic suddenly calmed down. From the moment of chaos to extreme silence, the sea of ​​consciousness suddenly shook, and the picture was all turned into fragments. At the same time, his body surged. There is a special profound meaning.Feeling this profound meaning, Shanghai\’s eyes brightened, revealing the color of joy. I didn\’t expect that at the moment when the mood was completely rounded, I broke through the original shackles…The shackles of the fifth worldzun\’s peak had already peeped into the sixth worldzun. In the realm…Chapter 1398Life is impermanent, no one can predict what will happen in the next moment, the only thing that can be grasped is to guide and control one\’s own destiny.Always worrying, if you are afraid that Mu Ningxue will encounter unexpected events, it is of no use at all. The only thing you can do is to protect her and not let anyone harm her.After a while, the crack in Shanghai\’s heart gradually healed. The original struggling expression also slowly returned to calm. The spirit and spirit reached a fullness in an instant. Between the opening and closing of the eyes, an incomparable burst of light appeared. confidence.Peeping into the realm of the Sixth Blessed One, although he has not completely broken through it, it is enough for the current Shanghai. As long as a period of time passes, he will be able to completely break into the sixth Blessed One level. At least, at this moment he already has God King, there are many foundations for the confrontation of the young and powerful.Why let it go? Can your Young Master definitely be able to protect Ningxue? She is my woman, so why should someone protect her? Shanghai Transmit said.you……Hearing this, his ruthless face sank. I didn\’t expect Shanghai to be so unreasonable, so kindly persuaded not to listen, and still so persistent. Does this person really think that he can be compared with Luo Yue Young Master? You know, the young master Luo Yue is extremely noble, and among the inheritors of the ancient times, he has an extremely prominent identity and status…Who in the world can compare with Young Master Luo Yue? Only the successors of the four imperial palaces can have this qualification.

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