\”Yes\” the man quickly backed out.

Shanghai subconsciously released his spiritual thoughts, but was surprised to find that his own spiritual thoughts could not be sent out. He could only rely on perception. The area covered by perception was extremely limited. At this moment, he could not move, but he felt that someone was coming, and Coming in a hurry.Shanghai! You… why did you do this? My Ming Qianyu has no grievances and no enmity with you, why did you kill me… Ming Qianyu\’s expression changed, his face was full of consternation, and he exclaimed, \”Shanghai ……You and I are both ancient protoss, but you want to kill me and death for the sake of a small treasure…I…\”Speaking of the back, a big mouthful of blood spurted out, Ming Qianyu\’s figure became weak, and his vitality was gradually dissipating.In an instant!What Shanghai understood, he was framed by Ming Qianyu.Father……A shocking exclamation came from a distance, with a heart-piercing pain, and it was Ming Yuyan\’s voice.Hearing this sorrowful and sorrowful voice, Shanghai\’s heart trembled slightly, but at this moment he couldn\’t move, he could only perceive that Ming Yuyan in black gauze rushed, and the beautiful face was full of Sad, tears poured down from the pretty face.When she was a hundred meters away from Shanghai, Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but stop, staring at the scene before her sluggishly.If it is the last thing I want to see in this life, it is undoubtedly the scene in front of me. My dearest person dies in the hands of the one I love, thumping thumping thumping, Ming Yuyan’s heart beats violently, even though she doesn’t Knowing what happened, although she believed that this was not the case, her father died, at the hands of Shanghai.Puff puff puff…The heartbeat is getting worse, Ming Yuyan\’s face is getting paler, her breath is becoming more and more unstable, and the strength of her body is constantly shrinking. She is at an extremely dangerous level at this moment, that is, heartbreak. Moment.Those who suffered drastic changes, because they couldn\’t bear it, eventually died of heartbreak.Yu Yan… Shanghai felt Ming Yuyan\’s changes, and was shocked. At this moment, his body suddenly became able to move. He hurriedly drew out the Thunder God Spear and swept towards Ming Yuyan, \”Don\’t move. Not what you see…\”At the moment when the voice came out, a sharp, extremely cold, suddenly appeared, and Shanghai\’s body reacted. The power of the fifth world-zun burst out, and he was about to shake off the sharp, he suddenly noticed Ming Yuyan\’s breath was rapidly declining.If she goes back, Ming Yuyan will undoubtedly die.Immediately!Shanghai slammed back and took all his strength back. At this moment, a tingling pain came from his chest, and he saw a snow-white divine sword shuttle past his heart, and that sword was exactly what he used to be. A fifth-grade artifact given to Ming Yuyan.Shanghai… Ming Yuyan raised her head slightly, the complexity in her beautiful eyes disappeared, replaced by endless hatred, \”I will return your things to you. If I meet again in the future, I will be my father. Revenge, unless you kill me now, or I will never let you go forever…\”Every word, every word, every sentence, is like a sharp weapon, deeply pierced into Shanghai\’s heart.

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