After dinner, Jane Xi couldn\’t control her desire for beauty, so she wandered out of the cave and came to the river. Fortunately, the cave was not far from the river and was shrouded in Jane Xi\’s array. At this time, it was dark and the wind in late autumn was very cool.

This look, Zheng Haoran was in sight.Brother Nantian, how about let Jae come down to deal with this matter? Zheng Haoran narrowed his eyes and asked.Old Monster Nantian twitched his cheeks. Why couldn\’t he hear what Zheng Haoran meant? He was going to let him stop, but he was almost damaged by Shanghai\’s foundation. Could this hatred be swallowed like this?Brother Nantian, some things have made a big trouble, but it will not do me any good. What\’s more, why should I cause too much trouble for myself? I have waited for tens of thousands of years to cultivate, how humiliated I have never suffered, even if I am now a god. How, there are high-level gods on top of me, as well as gods and other realms. If you don\’t reach the top, you will inevitably suffer… Zheng Haoran said slowly.Hearing that, Old Monster Nantian shuddered, his eyes flickered for a few times, and then he slowly retracted. He also knew that if he really fights against Shanghai now, he will definitely provoke the Evil King Shrine, not to mention Shanghai\’s identity. It\’s still a mystery, and it hasn\’t been completely figured out yet.Brother Haoran is absolutely right. Old Monster Nantian nodded hard.Um!Zheng Haoran nodded slightly, smiled, cast his eyes on Shanghai, and said loudly: \”I don\’t know the name of this little friend. I have a relationship with the elder Ma of the Royal Palace.\”Um?Shanghai frowned.Your shrine?The other party recognized the evil god general, did he think he was the inheritor of the evil king divine palace? Hearing the meaning of this sentence, it is obvious that he intends to reconcile, which is a bit unexpected in Shanghai. When he saw the two gods appearing, he had already planned for the worst.after all!Shanghai really does not have the confidence to deal with the two gods alone. As for the loneliness, it can only play a little restraint at best.Shanghai! His name appeared on the poster.It turned out to be Xiaoyou Lin.Zheng Haoran smiled, and immediately said: \”Xiaoyou Lin, I don’t know what your grudges are with Brother Nantian, so it’s not easy to interfere, but it’s better to solve the enemy and not to get married. I hope Xiaoyou Lin can look on my face and make big things smaller. It’s a trivial matter, how?\”Sure enough, it was intended to reconcile.Shanghai didn’t intend to reconcile, but now there is Zheng Haoran, and he is not sure to kill the Nantian Boss. It’s impossible to take a shot. Later, come to deal with the Nantian Boss.Since the predecessors have said so, Lin is naturally more respectful than his fate. Shanghai said with his hand.

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