I\’m not a devoted man. How can I ask him to stick to one thing? Besides, I really don\’t feel anything about him. Such a deep mind, like a man with a woman as a plaything, she can do it. Now it\’s the limit to be an ordinary friend.

You accept your fate.Haha, stay with us in the dark prison from now on. The three old monsters laughed strangely, and they have been waiting for this moment for a year.Dreaming! Shanghai said solemnly.It\’s still stiff.Just let you die of this heart.This time it will definitely make you unable to stand up. The three old monsters stopped suddenly, and then a terrifying aura surged over the three of them. The black aura on them continued to rise and entangle like a ghost mist, although it was all black, but There are still some differences. The three colors of red, purple and blue are shining, but because of black, these three colors are obscured.The terrifying coercion shrouded in an instant, and even the man surnamed Mo and others located in the distance felt the terrible threat.No, these three lunatics are going to be real.Brother Lin, be careful.Hurry up!The man surnamed Mo and others hurriedly shouted.At this moment, the three old monsters shot, and the ghost mist that rose up, swept out overwhelmingly, containing power that is difficult to resist. This power is more terrifying than any previous shot, even if it is a person of the same generation. Don\’t dare to resist it lightly.In a flash, Shanghai has been swept into it by ghost fog.not good……The expressions of the man surnamed Mo and the others changed instantly, and they suddenly realized that even if Shanghai was over, even if they did not die, they would be completely abolished.The ghost mist that swept across contained the power of the vast star realm. Under the constant impact, even the gods would not be spared from it, not to mention that it was only Shanghai, where the strength was only the pinnacle of the Fourth World Sovereign.Obviously, the outcome is determined!The man surnamed Mo sighed helplessly. Although they were eager for a miracle to appear, the reason why this miracle was a miracle was because the chances of it appearing were too slim.Suddenly, a faint white glow appeared in the endless ghost fog. Although it was very weak, there was a faint but tough breath gushing out. The three men surnamed Mo who sensed this breath were suddenly startled. Quickly cast his eyes.The floating white light is getting stronger and stronger. It is a thunder, although it is only the size of a hair, but it contains obscure and ancient lines. It is completely different from the thunder seen before. It is constantly swimming in the ghost fog. What\’s moving, it\’s heart-wrenching is that it is actually devouring those ghost fog, and as it continues to swallow it, it begins to gradually grow itself.

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