Jane Xi didn\’t think so. She smiled and said, \”I\’d better come. Women are more careful. It doesn\’t matter.\”.

Many old monsters present suddenly widened their eyes.A powerful person at the first world-sovereign level confronted the high-level gods and shook the opponent away. This… is too subversive. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, the bosses really can’t believe it, no, it’s not just being After shaking it open, the sharp-eyed old monsters noticed that the tall and thin god\’s right hand was trembling, and a straight bloodstain appeared on his wrist.injured!Injured again…The face of the tall and thin god turned black immediately, and the other three gods saw the messengers, and their faces were immediately extremely ugly. Under the eyes of everyone, they were hurt by a boy of the first world-class level. Where are their faces?Humph!The envoy of the god general snorted coldly.At this time!A wave of light shone, and I saw that the third-grade artifact that was shrouded in Shanghai\’s body was immediately put away.This action made the watching bosses suddenly startled.What does he want to do?I don\’t need a third-class magic weapon to defend, does he know that he is invincible, so does he plan to escape?It should be so. The four high-ranking gods took action. Even though this child has cultivated the god-defying skills, the realm of the gap between the two is too big.Even if you escape, where can you escape…The difference between the realms of the two is too great, and the speed is also difficult to win.The old monsters speculated about what Shanghai did.But in the next scene, the old monster present widened his eyes. Shanghai did not escape. Instead, he held the sword in his right hand and killed the four envoys of the gods. The trembling snow-white long sword made a violent buzzing sound. , The void behind him was completely distorted.chant……The sky hummed.A sword in Shanghai was swung out, like thousands of heavy mountains floating in the air. The terror and oppressive power contained in it made the four high-ranking gods look disillusioned. The power of this sword was beyond their imagination, and it was even more terrifying. It is the power against the sky contained in the sword.

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