Shangguanbo just looked at Hua ling\’er coldly, and his lips were filled with imperceptible disdain. \”Hum, although the Hua family can\’t compare with the official family, it\’s also a Xiuxian family. I don\’t know how such a wonderful flower came out. It\’s so vulgar that it can\’t get on the table.\”.

The appearance of the Xiaoyao Taoist is just the right time for Shanghai, perhaps because of acquaintance. The Xiaoyao Taoist is not restrained and talks freely. Shanghai also took the opportunity to inquire about the secrets of Nanlingtian and the like. thing.Through the narration of the Taoist Xiaoyao, the two of Shanghai have a general understanding of Nanlingtian. The area of ​​Nanlingtian is unimaginable. Even in the same area, unless it is a first-class or above sect that opens the teleportation. I am afraid that it would take a lifetime to walk alone, and I would not be able to walk to the other side.And Nan Lingtian is not safe everywhere, there are many places full of terrible opportunities and dangers, even the gods will be in danger of perishing.Xiaoyao Taoist also wanted to go to Ancient Xuanzong, so the three of them traveled together.As we moved forward, the number of cultivators began to increase. In addition to the powers of the Holy Master and the Supreme Holy Master, occasional powers of the World-Honored Master would come. Xuanzong’s choice for entry into the sect.According to Taoist Xiaoyao, some of these cultivators practiced alone, some came from millions of small worlds, some belonged to cultivating families under the rule of the ancient Xuanzong, and there were even some young gods from large clans. The strong will also come to participate.The other disciples of the first-class sects will also come to participate? Sen Luo was surprised, even in Shanghai. According to their understanding, after joining a sect, especially the disciples of the first-class sect, how could they come to participate again? Ancient Xuanzong\’s choice for entry into the sect.Hehe, Gu Xuanzong\’s choice for entry into the sect is not to choose disciples, but to choose Taishi.Taishi?Well, Gu Xuanzong has this name since ancient times, and it has been passed down to this day. It is equivalent to the position of Keqing in the major sects. It cannot be regarded as a person in the sect. Of course, once selected, Gu Xuanzong will also be regarded as his own sect. As long as they don’t do things that endanger Ancient Xuanzong, they won’t be restrained.” Xiaoyao Taoist said with a slight smile.
Those first-class sects will allow disciples to participate?\” Sen Luo couldn\’t help asking.Of course it is allowed. Those who come to participate are the bottom disciples of the first-class sect. Of course, there are occasionally some younger generations of strong people who are not badly qualified. Some inheritance of Ancient Xuanzong.The inheritance of Ancient Xuanzong…will it be given to other sects? Shanghai asked in surprise.I have seen a generous one, but I have never seen such a generous one. You must know that the inheritance of each sect is extremely precious, almost comparable to the treasure of the sect. If a sect wants to absorb young and powerful people with excellent qualifications, it must have it. Its most unique inheritance, so that the sect can be maintained steadily.There is no way. Ancient Xuanzong was originally not like this, but later because of some things, I had to do this. Otherwise, Ancient Xuanzong would have fallen. It is precisely because of this that Ancient Xuanzong has survived among many first-class sects. , The specifics, you will be clear in the future. Xiaoyao Taoist said.Taoist, what is the Taishi god pattern? Sen Luo couldn\’t help asking.Shanghai is also quite curious about what the Taishi god pattern is that can sustain the ancient Xuanzong for so many years and make it immortal.It is said to be the Supreme Treasure of the Primordial Ancient Times. I don’t know exactly what it is. However, the first-generation suzerain of Ancient Xuanzong once followed the nine god kings and comprehended the Taishi god pattern. The nine god kings found nothing, but that one With the help of high-level gods, the suzerain realized a terrifying magical skill-Taishi Nine Swords, and finally sat alongside the nine gods.Upon hearing this, the hearts of the two in Shanghai trembled slightly.With the capital of a high-ranking general, he comprehended the divine skill-Taishi Nine Swords, and finally sat alongside the nine divine kings. Only by comprehending a kind of magical skill, it crossed the gap between the high-level divine generals and the divine kings. Shackled and became a figure standing shoulder to shoulder with the god king, we can see the terrifying point of this Taishi Nine Swords.What is the quality of Taishi Dao Sword? Sen Luo suddenly blurted out.

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