The beast Dan suspended in front of Jane, adjusted his breath, and simply turned out a transparent big hand and wrapped it up, and then squeezed it fiercely. The purple beast Denton was pinched into purple powder by the transparent hand, and the purple powder did not disperse. The transparent hands disappeared and became a bundle of powder by spirit force. A flame floated out of Jian Xi\’s hand and flew under the purple powder, and then gradually wrapped the purple powder instead of Lingli. Jian Xi carefully controlled the flame, approached the powder bit by bit and melted them layer by layer. Gradually, drops of crystal clear purple liquid began to penetrate from the flame, It fell into the jade bottle already prepared. One or two drops of impurities were constantly burned into nothingness, but the extremely pure Dan liquid fell down. It was a long and boring process, and no slightest mistake was allowed. Jane Xi continued to control the flame carefully and refined the animal pill without slackening at all.

A month ago, Ming Yuyan actually leaned on her, without the assistance of any reincarnation treasures, to peep into the reincarnation mood of the first world deity in one fell swoop, that\’s all, and her understanding of the reincarnation mood is so strong that it is amazing. Shock.In just one month, with the help of some common reincarnation treasures, the advancement is extremely astonishing. Yilan\’s own understanding of the reincarnation conception is already considered good. It took her more than 50 years to reach the same level, but Ming Yuyan only spent more than a month.To grow at this speed, I’m afraid… it only takes five years. With Ming Yuyan’s perception of reincarnation, she will soon be able to comprehend the reincarnation of the second world. If she spends ten years in the battlefield of gods, it will be very useful. May step into the reincarnation of the Three Worlds…This is the first time Yilan has seen such a terrifying qualification.In fact, she didn\’t know that the time used in Shanghai was faster, otherwise she would be more shocked….God is in the city!People come and go, in addition to a large number of powerhouses in the millions of small worlds, there are also many powerhouses in God\’s realm. Compared with God\’s Furnace\’s God\’s Lincheng, there are many more God\’s realm powerhouses here, and their strength is not stronger. few.In the crowd!A greenish man walked slowly in front, followed by two wood realm experts, one of whom was Sen Ye.Brother Lin, this incarnation fruit only has an effect of a quarter of an hour, don\’t remember the time. Sen Ye spoke to the man in front of him.Yeah! The man nodded slightly.This person is no one else but Shanghai.not long ago!Shanghai swallowed the incarnation fruit that was still prepared. This is unique to the wood world. After swallowing it, it will temporarily incarnate as a wood world powerhouse, but it can only last for a quarter of an hour at most, and the output of the incarnation fruit is very small. , Only two or three pieces will be produced in the wood industry in ten thousand years.And there is a huge limitation, that is, a person can only take one in his life, and it will have no effect after using it.This time there were only two wood-world experts brought, one was taken by Shanghai, and the other was in the hands of another wood-world expert.The front is the resident of the True Underworld God Race. Sen Ye pointed forward.I saw a large hall standing in front, and one after another strong people from the millions of small worlds and the true dark gods came and went, each has a unique mark, as long as you step into the main hall, it will be revealed, and then you can enter it.stop!

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