Jian Xi also found an interesting gadget in the monk\’s storage ring. It was a pony cart with four lifelike white horses shaped like toys. The body was also exquisite and glittering. After refining with a drop of blood, Jian Xi knew that it was a low-level spirit cart.

Um!Shengmu and others nodded.The ancient bronze pagoda has been closed, and the treasures have already been obtained. It doesn\’t make much sense to continue to stay. It is better to leave as soon as possible and find another place to find opportunities and treasures.Afterwards!As everyone left, four figures appeared in front of them.The Bronze Killer of Tiansha Yingdi…Shengmu and the others suddenly shuddered, all their faces were on guard, even Mu Ningxue was like this, staring at these four guys with beautiful eyes, because these people had besieged and killed Shanghai before, but they did not expect to come again this time. Now, it still appears so grandly.Compared with Mu Ningxue’s simple thoughts, Shengmu and the others looked rather heavy. They knew very well that the killers of Tianchayingdi would never show up on their own initiative. People any chance.Now that they take the initiative to show up, there is only one problem that can explain it, and that is that these killers are confident enough…Shanghai, you are destined to not live for the next moment. The lead bronze killer grinned.It seems you are sure enough? Shanghai looked at each other faintly.I waited for good luck and got some treasures.As the Bronze Medal Assassin\’s voice fell, four artifacts appeared on the four of them, the lowest of which was Rank 8.Have you killed those strong men who have snatched treasures? Shengmu said solemnly.What about killing, holding a heavy treasure, but not being able to use it, will only lead to disasters, anyway, sooner or later, it is not the same who will give it to someone. The leading bronze medal killer said this, staring at Shanghai, \”hands it.\” !kill him.\”call out……The four figures rise in the air. In addition to the weird body speed, the artifact in the hand has stirred up the power in it. After a while, the power of the four has skyrocketed again, far surpassing the previous one, especially the leader. The strength has reached an even more astonishing level.Shanghai, I will deal with them together with you. Ming Yu Yan yelled softly, and the Underworld War Armor emerged, glowing with a powerful defensive power.No! They can\’t threaten me. Shanghai motionless, his right hand stretched out slightly, and he grabbed the void, \”Come here.\”boom……

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