For this reason, Jane Xi also went to Germany. German kitchenware is the most admired by Jane Xi. It\’s really fine. It\’s not a tool. Jane Xi thinks it\’s a work of art of another style, so she has a lot of collections.

opportunity!Although there are a lot of opportunities in the battlefield of Gods, there are also many strong ones. The million small worlds and the strong ones in God\’s Domain are not known as many trillions. Not everyone will have big opportunities, and most of them can only encounter small opportunities. Some even have no chance!The opportunity is right here. As long as you break through this golden hall, you can enter it. When you practice for a period of time, you will be able to surpass your peers in the past, and even get even greater accumulation. He will break through the realm that is unimaginable in his life.Under the urge of desire, and the instigation of people with intentions, the strong shot frantically, regardless of the cost, their eyes were already red, and most people were almost in a state of madness. As for death, they simply I never thought about it.After all, there are millions of strong people present, so many people, it will not be their turn to perish.Boom boom boom…With the bombardment like a torrential rain, the second barrier of the Golden Hall was completely shattered, and with the fragmentation of this second barrier, it greatly stimulated the strong people present. They had already seen the break open. Hope, the force of the shot is stronger.The three major Shenzongs and the Tianchen Alliance have sent people to take action.Forced by the situation, if you don\’t make a move, it will cause a siege by crazy strong men, and even if you can eliminate it at that time, you will suffer a lot of damage.Boom…As time passed, the barriers one after another were gradually shattered with the bombardment of more and more powerhouses.Ten hours have passed!Only the last enchantment remained in the golden hall, and all the forces, all the powerful, were staring at this enchantment closely, waiting for the moment when it was broken.At this time!A crack appeared in the last barrier.The last barrier is about to be broken, everyone will continue to take action.A strong man roared excitedly, and the strong men who shot have blushed. They have waited too long. They insisted on it until now and waited for the last moment.The masters of the three great divine sects are also watching closely, and some have slightly raised their hands, and the strong behind are already ready to rush into the golden hall at any time.My lord, we should prepare. Chi Xing said, his voice a little eager.

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