The other twenty-odd cultivators from different worlds rushed forward, one by one, as if they hadn\’t eaten anything for many human……Ming Yuyan\’s pretty face changed.At this time, more than twenty different world cultivators had surrounded Shanghai one after another, one by one, like beasts, opened their mouths, and ate toward Shanghai.Seeing this situation, Ming Yuyan hurriedly shot, and a pair of jade hands quickly sealed.Dark God Seal!Accompanied by the sweet drink, the Yin Jue swept out and turned into a dark flame bird, full of terrifying power to kill more than 20 different world cultivators, but at this moment, the other world cultivators headed suddenly turned Over his head, his mouth snapped.The underworld flame bird that impacted, was swallowed by it in one bite on the spot, and all its power disappeared.Ming Yuyan\’s expression completely changed. It was the first time she saw this situation after so many years of cultivating. Although she didn\’t try her best, she also used 70% to 80% of her strength, but she was given to him by a cultivator in another world. Swallow, this…Click, click…There was a sound of chewing, like sharp teeth chewing on bones, which made people feel flustered.Ming Yuyan did not hesitate, and immediately shot again.boom……The huge explosion came out, and the cultivators from different worlds layered on Shanghai burst out like meteors, while Shanghai, located inside, had a murderous intent in his eyes, and under his tyrannical physique, he was full of palpitations. The mighty power.The gray mist that was originally permeated, under this divine might and physique, was shaken away. With a movement of Shanghai\’s figure, it swept away at the cultivator in another world that was shaken away in an instant.Ooooo…The cultivators in the different world were also enraged, and they rushed forward, the gray fog on their bodies became heavier, but this time it did not make Shanghai freeze in place as before, but was shaken away one after another, like gods and demons. Of Shanghai, slammed out in one blow.Bang…Three cultivators from different worlds were smashed out, and before they could scream, their bodies were completely shattered, and they shot everywhere.Seeing this situation, the rest of the cultivators in the different world changed their colors and stopped one after another. At this moment, they realized that they were waiting for someone to kick the iron plate. In fact, their strength is not weak, not inferior to Ming Yuyan. How much, there is also a special ability of rock formation, if ordinary cultivators meet them, they will really be eaten to death by them.

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