call out……

Dragon……True Dragon…Seeing this huge head, the descendants of the god race in the god city were completely shocked, because the appearance of this giant beast was exactly the same as the legendary true dragon.In the legend of the Great Wilderness World, the true dragon is equivalent to the existence of a \”fairy\”. If such an existence appears, who can match it? Could it be the end of the world is coming? Will the Great Wild World be annihilated by the real dragon? Panic instantly covered the entire city of God.It\’s not a real dragon, it\’s a forbidden alien dragon. It looks similar to the legendary real dragon, but it\’s not a real dragon… But this forbidden thing is also extremely terrifying. Wreaks havoc in the wild world, and then was shot by an emperor before he was blocked…The shaking of the god city, could it be caused by this alien dragon… The second elders and others had extremely ugly expressions. The alien dragon\’s strength was comparable to the emperor. If it appeared in the wild world, very few people would be able to fight against it. Can the temple resist? It\’s hard to say clearly.suddenly!Behind the city of God appeared a figure as high as thousands of feet, like a god descending to the world, the shimmering golden armor glowing with vast and endless divine light.The evil barrier, dare to wreak havoc in the city of God, and come down to this god. The god-like figure covered it with a big hand, pressed against the broken sky, and the phantom that emerged was immediately shot out, and at the same time, an arc of light struck. The body of this god-like figure.The phantom disappeared, and a figure in a black robe fell from a high altitude. At the same time, four temple elders dressed in golden and purple gods appeared in four directions. Cut open the void above the god city.The black robe man inside was sealed.At this time!The sky shook violently, as if the end was coming. Two black-robed men appeared from both sides, pointing across the air, and two black lights fell down. The two temple elders had not had time to avoid them, and they were shot through by the black lights, and the black lights that fell. Hit the barrier of God City.boom……The god city shook violently, and the god pattern on the barrier was wiped out by a million.Shoo…A large number of messengers, as well as the patriarchs of many branches of the Protoss, emerged from all directions, one after another, and even Ling Zhan Tian was among them.The void was completely shattered, and the combatants were also missing. Only the constantly shattering firmament and the bursting stars foreshadowed that the battle was still going on, and the descendants of the gods underneath looked at the high sky, their hearts tense to the extreme.This is a great battle, a realm they can\’t involve, so they can only wait and see.After a while!

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