Flying across Shanghai at low altitude, his mind was calm as still water, without the slightest fluctuation, even the aura on his body had converged to the extreme. If he was not paying attention, it would be difficult to detect his existence at all.

That\’s true, if I can enter the top 100, I can laugh, let alone the top eight, it is simply a smoke from the ancestral grave.There are different opinions below.On the field, the two could not hear any discussion, because the battle was about to begin.Brother Yan wants to fight with all his strength, then I won\’t hide my clumsiness anymore. Shanghai laughed. He seemed quite relaxed in this fight, because his previous opponents had extremely strong utilitarianism, and in Yan Potian, He didn\’t see any utilitarian purpose, and some were just pure war intentions.If you meet your opponent, you will meet Liangcai.Such a purely war-fighting opponent is extremely difficult to encounter.Oh? Yan Potian\’s eyes showed a look of expectation. Of course, he had unlocked the seal to respect Shanghai. He also wanted to fight with all his strength when he took out the artifact. As for the victory, he already had the bottom line. He must No doubt wins.This is not arrogance, but because Yan Potian knows his abilities. With his semi-sage master realm and divine tool, he can compete with one of them even in the presence of Ba Yu, but Shanghai is no more than the realm of the king. Although the power of God is extremely strong, there is still a realm gap between the two, and coupled with the benefits of the divine tool, he will undoubtedly win.Nowadays, Shanghai is not only not surprised at all, but also said that it is no longer hiding clumsy. This makes Yan Potian feel surprised and excited, because he really expects to have a well-matched opponent who can fight him incisively and vividly.chant!A blood-colored spear came out from the sky and landed on Shanghai\’s hand. The monster blood contained an endless sea of ​​blood, and the strong bloody smell and killing intent shook the enchantment violently. Perhaps it hasn\’t appeared for a long time. , The Evil God Spear buzzed cheerfully.This powerful spirituality made Yan Potian feel shocked.Artifact… Yan Potian was full of surprise, \”Haha… I didn\’t expect Brother Lin to also have a magical tool, and it is also a long-handled magical tool. It really suits my appetite. It seems that this competition is the one I have been looking forward to most in my life. Field.\”Although there are some artifacts in the middle famine, but not many, and the use of artifacts with long handles is even rarer.Go against each other!This is a great blessing in life.After the Evil God Spear appeared, the descendants of the god race who watched also showed some restlessness, and even the Spirit God line was quite surprised.Eight brother actually has a magical weapon?Where did it come from?I don\’t know. The Eighth Brother had already carried this artifact before in the Hui clan. It is probably the Sixth Uncle who left it. Ling Xuanhao shook his head and said.

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